Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Freedumb of speech in Jewish culture...

Oh, now I get it. Censorship facilitates sales. 

 There always has to be some reason.  All this amounts to is that there aren't enough oligarchic Muslims in America to censor Mr. Moseley, Mr. Anderson and others when they criticize Muslims as a group.   Once there are enough Muslim lobbies and enough Muslims around to drive down (non-existent) sales then these guys will self-censor and censor again, giving up our customs and traditions of free speech based on whatever might hurt the feelings of Muslims as a group.

I don't believe in any of the "hate speech," even for our own group.  Not even with these self-hating white people inciting hate crimes against our group based on imaginary nooses now.  I'm not going to go in there and try to censor them or kick them off of any forums under my control and influence. 

But as Jewish influence spreads, note what happens to OUR customs and traditions like free speech.  They disappear pretty fast, wherever Jews go.  And again, the only reason that "Islamophobia" or talking about Muslims/Arabs as a group is allowed is due to the fact that Jews say it is kosher.  Are the ethnic identities of the people at Delaware Politics really so weak that they need Jewish approval for their speech?  

CW invariably uses direct quotes from prominent Jews in his posts. None of you ever- ever- bother to attempt to contradict or confront the actual quote.

Sephardi leader Yosef: Non-Jews exist to serve Jews ... - JTA

Yosef, Netanyahu

Yosef, Rabin

Yosef, Ehud Barak

 I could go on and on, citing the next racial supremacist rabbi and proving that Jewish nationalists are not "distancing" themselves from them.

But when a European argues:   "We want to exist separately, with liberty for ourselves and posterity.  We hate slavery for other groups too."

Then that's White supremacy according to the Jews and it's not only the graves of the Confederates that will be dug up as Jewish influence grows.  It will be Jefferson's too.  Meanwhile, the Jews ARE observably "supremacists" and they still dream of slavery and monetizing the goyim just like their ancestors did.

None of you ever- ever- bother to attempt to contradict or confront....

They probably know it's useless to deny observable facts.  Their lies, defamation and incitement to hate crimes (Another Hitler, racist, antisemitic and so on are incitements to hate crimes in the Jewish/Judaized culture of America.) don't even really matter because they're marginal figures.

And frankly, I could do something to them before they could do anything to me.  Just ridiculous, that they would go crazy over trying to build a well armed ethnic state full of guns for people like Ovadia Yosef, George Soros, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Lloyd Blankfein, Ben Bernanke, Wolf Blitzer, etc.etc.  Meanwhile, if they're European Americans then they're being disarmed and monetized by the same people in preparation for Ovadia Yosef's dream to come true.  Not explicitly articulated like Yosef did... but...  "Tradition!"     

You simply parrot the “anti-Semite” accusation. This is analogous to claiming that the posting of Hillary Clinton quotes on this blog in an attempt to demonstrate her bias, criminal behavior or incompetence as being “misogyny.” 

She's not at the top of the V is for Victim inverted pyramid scheme, so let her make an "antisemitic" comment about Jewish misogyny and see what happens to her V is for Victim vagina monologue.

More freedumb of speech for the White woman...

Moseley, the witless English cuck:

Members of a group do not all agree with each other.

Oh, so I guess he shouldn't be trying to build an ethnic state for Jews as a group then.

So even if it were true that some Jew said something, so what?

Well, to begin with... that's who you are trying to build an ethnic state for.  In order to protect them if the goyim reject slavery and their dream of being parasites, yet again.  Who needs slavery or dreams of slavery?    Parasites.

It does no good to deny this truth due to its ugliness.  It's Yosef that explicitly articulated their motivations and their culture in general, as a group.

Their interests and their culture do not align with our own, as a group.  As a group, we are much more likely to try to abolish slavery than to sit around dreaming about being parasites like they do.  They haven't overcome their culture.  They're celebrating it. They're building an ethnic state for it.  They're making us more like them, than we are making them more like us.  Because, as is their usual manner, they have conglomerated on the nerve centers of their host nation (banking, politics, PR, Hollywood, publishing).  And that naturally, through no fault of the small minority of Jews that try not to hate the goyim or dream of keeping them as slaves (including sex slaves), shapes so-called "mainstream" culture in America in their interests as a group.  

I can quote you Jews who say the exact opposite.
So where does that leave you?

It leaves us with however the majority of their ethnic group are actually behaving or covering for other members of their group, as a group.  The same exact standards apply to Muslims and other ethnic groups, you can cite this one over here that's great... but then there's this huge crowd over here.  So what do you do when it comes to immigration policies?  Do you want that huge crowd in your implicitly European American neighborhood, complaining of "Islamophobia/antisemitism" while teaching your children Islamism/Talmudism?  Clock boy?

Where does this idea that there are some good individuals in every ethnic group of the entire world leave you?  It leaves you with Globalism Inc.  

Only if you believe that all members of a group think exactly the same way, agree with one another, act in concern on a uniform consensus plan, and all have exactly the same goals. Otherwise, who cares what one person says?

Say "Muslim" to this cuckservative and then:  "Blah, blah... me think ethnic groups exist again.  Me imagine that they exist with WMDs in their underpants.  Why you no imagine that they exist?"

You care only because you imagine that everyone in a group is identical.

Wrong.  I observe the behavior of groups of people and develop a view of the world based on facts, logic and evidence.

You imagine whatever you want to, first one thing (Jews don't exist as a group.) and then another (But Muslims do!  And to top it all off, Jews exist as a group whenever anything positive can be said about them or whenever you want to argue that we should build an ethnic state for them while they seek to diversify us out of existence as a group.)

Yes, I do, ad nauseum. I repeatedly point out how the statements are false.

I think this crazy dude might actually be imagining that he's doing that.  It gets a little weird sometimes.  Lol.

 You, Rick, in particular repeatedly claim that nobody challenges the accuracy and that’s just not true.


Lol.  He's challenging the accuracy, in his imagination.  He doesn't need external, observable facts.

What is the Logos, again?

What matters is that all of these ideas are objectively FALSE, not that they are anti-Semitic. 
What can one really do with this?  Even with the freedom (actual freedom of speech) on the internet... this guy just imagines stuff so that he can imagine that his subjective beliefs are objective, observable truth.  Shrug.
 If an argument were unflattering to Jews but true, that would be different. But making arguments that are just inaccurate is the problem. 
There is no kosher argument or observation allowed by guys like this that are unflattering to Jews as a group.
I can write about Muslims as a group all day long.  I can write about Team Implicitly White Captain America as a group all day long.  I could give an analysis of Chinese culture and its impact on national security interests when dealing with "the Chinese" all day long.  But when it comes to freedom of speech about Jews, there isn't any.  That's all it amounts to.  They'll fine whatever pretext for censorship right at this point:  "Jews."

By trying to divert attention from the old balding White guys who are elected Democrat public officials,

Is that even actually true or has the coalition of minorities grown large enough that Democrats can run a Chinese immigrant for president and call it diversity?

For this guy, it doesn't seem to matter what is actually true.  He just imagines it.  But I would look at the evidence, does it really all add up anymore?  Jim Webb seems to be like a holdout or something, as pretty soon the Democrats will amount to a worldwide coalition of hostile ethnic groups all targeting European Americans.  Perhaps a collection of misfits and "the poor" can be led toward a revolution a Jewish Bolshevik like Bernie Sanders.

That's never happened before.

If all the gentile (often Catholic) old half-dead White dudes elected to office as Democrats were thrown out of office and replaced by Michelle Bachmans and Joe Millers… 
Long term, that would be a stop gap.   Because the Jews have already betrayed and subverted their host nation, as they have historically.  Except for this time they did it to the minds of Europeans, many of which want to diversify their own group out of existence or integrate with or pretend to be some other ethnic group.  Rachel Dolezal was raised by fundamentalist creationists like you, not by 
Democrats... as far as I know.

But yes, Democrats are leading the charge and they have been the political party where the Jewish Left resides.  
Eric Cantor, kicked out.  Why?  Ironically, as Germany continues to fail... what is happening due to the existence of ethnic groups may become more and more explicit.
 … would any of these things be happening that you are concerned about. No, not a chance.
So get Democrats out of office, and we will all be happy.

I'm actually fine with that for now, provided we get the Republicans out of office too. Perhaps Sanders can destroy the Democratic party and Trump can take on the Republican party? 

Regardless.... you cucks with your wars for a foreign group and simultaneous calls for diversity are "equally" dangerous to my nation, kith and kin.

And I'm rather interested in so-called "national security." 

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