Friday, May 13, 2016

Zerohedge 5/31...

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Their absolutely bed wetting and neurotic/phobic/nativist/racist fear of Trump/"Hitler" is ethnically based.  So any number of these ethnic chameleons are aligned against Trump (or painting menstrual blood pictures of the filthy goyim/"Nazi"/"racist" that they consciously or subconsciously fear and loath.), despite his love for Jews and desire to advance Jewish interests (aka his family and associates in Tel Aviv).

And of course Jon Stewart would vote for a cartoon African (aren't all "goyim" cartoons?), as if that would be best for phobic Jews.  The thing about the fear and loathing motivating Jews (Right and Left) is that it's irrational.  That nativism/phobias/xenophobia/intolerance they're always talking about?  (Their crazy need to stop the bathroom "Nazis" to protect the Transgender Tribe minority that they created in their own Victim image? Or their equally crazy idea of preemptively bombing dumbocrazy into other countries to protect themselves from WMDs, as their right wing recommends? Irrational.) 

Understand the phobias motivating these bed wetters consciously or subconsciously/culturally/instinctually or you will not understand what passes for "the news" in the West. 

They're just projecting their hatred onto the "goyim," as if everyone is like them.  And Jon is just another bed wetter.  "I'd vote for Mr. T before Trump.  Ha. ha...."  (Cue the nervous laugh track of these actors/hypocrites.)  But he's serious.  They fear indepenent men of European descent that much, even if their interests are totally in alignment and there's zero chance that Trump will make them into the soap and lampshades of their paranoid/phobic/nativist/tribal imaginations, "again." 

"Never again!"      

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