Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trans, trans, trans...

Looks like Jews ("a Harvard professor"/"Hollywood"/etc.) are beginning to discard the Team America Uberman/Superman cartoon that they used to defeat their "Nazi" Uberman cartoon.  If Superman refuses to become gender fluid in the next episode... then he will probably be portrayed as a "Nazi" that must be tortured to death like Muslims, most likely.  Indiana Jones will probably have to have his last crusade against "Nazis" before his cultural puppet masters ("movie producers"/"media moguls" etc.) make him become transgender. 

After all, all the older cartoons are still white men (Superman: A White Alien from the Heartland... etc.) and therefore may be like a White Nazi cartoon: Episode Six Million Shrunken Heads.     

It will be interesting to see how kosher pastors react to these inevitable and repetitive cultural trends caused by Jews.  They get kicked out of every country because they're a supremacist cult and enemies of all men.  Then everyone is surprised by it.  The Germans were probably surprised that they eventually tried to do the same thing that the Russians did.    It's all very mysterious, I suppose.  Team America now: "We're turning gender fluid?  Why?!"  Etc. 

It's probably because you just let a foreign ethnic group castrate you culturally because they view women as safe and minority coalitions as more easily monetized and controlled than ethnically homogeneous groups.  But ultimately, white women will go into the progressively fluid melting pot of this culture too.  Every tribal identity is allowed including a Gay Tribe, created in the image of the supposedly victimized minority group that creates all these other groups in their own image.  But kosher "feminists" will not be able to be who they actually are anymore than the freedumb fry eaters sent out to defeat another Hitler/Putin/Assad/Saddam/etc., men and women of Europe.  

Who they really are is a member of "all NATIONS" before God, not people that worship Jews (converts to Judaism) while pretending to be a gay tribe based on Will and Grace.

Tribal Jews, including those claiming to be secular now, still view themselves as a revolutionary "light unto the goyim/nations."  But there was one Light.  And as much as converts to Judaism idolize themselves in a tribal way for supposedly being a part of the tribes used to point to Him, they're not Him.  They're not God.  Although many rabbinic factions have said that they, the Jewish people (Whoever that is.) are God.  That's what God is to them, their own egregore/group mind.

Converts to Judaism/Egoism/Satanism not only have nothing to do with the actual Light unto the nations/"goyim," they actively take part in the traditions of men that mock and celebrate killing Him to this day.  Secular variants like the "Harvard professors"/"the media"/etc. are now subverting the very natural language within which He illustrates who He is, Father and Son.  As kosher pastors twiddle their thumbs.  The point of the rabbi Paul's verses about how all nations dissolve in the Light is not that we are beyond all national/sexual/biological categories here and now.  But if one begins with denying and lying about the existence of race/nations, then of course younger generations are going to ask why other biological realities cannot be progressively denied as well.  They have eyes in the heads.  They can see.  So they will ask.  At least, until they come up against the fact that the biological technology already in use to construct their genders are INFINITELY more sophisticated than this childish stuff they're doing to try to achieve transfiguration/transracial/transgender.  (Something to consider if anyone is actually listening to these Jews and thinking about trying to grasp transfiguration.  There's not going back because you don't have the technology to do what you're trying to do.  Same thing with transhumanism.  Trans, trans, trans... with technology... but they can't even screw in a light bulb.)       

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