Friday, May 06, 2016

Ramble 5/6

  I suppose that they're race fluid just like they're gender fluid.   Note that this will happen in America too, as an impossible Imperial American dream has been shifted to having implicitly White World Police America sift through every single ethnic group in the world based on a fair/white minded view of individual "content of character." 

Anything less would be the very tribalism/"racism" that witless whites worldwide have been convinced to engage in an endless war against. 

Imperial Cosmopolitan: Tolerance Rainbow Police Inc.

Be nice.  Or they'll assassinate you without trial and overthrow your whole government, starve millions.. etc.  Nice!  (Character assassination and atrocity propaganda included, of course...  )  

What remains of the Empire Inc. built up on the ethnic spines of White ethnic groups in the "melting pot" is already coming to an end.  It has already happened.  And it's unlikely that anyone will be able to "Make America Great Again"  as American presidents rather suspiciously begin to act or look like African presidents.  (Except that they have drones and nukes!)

 Observe the drones over Detroit and the Boko Harem Somalians of Minneapolis making threats against the Mall of America as BLM riots and the usual happens among African gangs, day after day.  Soon to be met with more diversity if Muslim gangs form and align with "Hispanic" gangs that don't seem very Spanish.  Too bad we can't resurrect the Italian mafia to deal with all this, a middle ground between the North and the South.  Because the white tribes of the North (the Norman/Norse/Nordic/Norwegian/etc.) certainly aren't going to deal with tribalism! 

For they are the fairest/whitest minded of them all.  So how can they sully themselves as individuals by dealing with what is best for their group/kin/race?  Better to die in order to prove their fetid pride in self-righteous martyrdom.  Pretexts vary, from the Swedish atheist to an evangelical "Judeo-Christian"...  who are these people?  It's all Christianity, supposedly a universal call to ethnocide? 

Then why don't Chinese or African Christians (the usual ethnic subgroups apply) generally behave the same way as (more universally gender fluid) Swedish Christians?  At least it's all a bit humorous.  Except when American cities degenerate into gang violence while witless white wonders debate taking in refugees from Muslim gang violence (incited by the Tolerance Empire of American War Inc. to boot)..., etc.  The question arises, the thinking of the Imperial Cosmopolitans is to take in the oppressed minority refugees (Thus destroying/diversifying their nation as their country is destroyed.)...  TO WHAT nation or civilization?  Take them all into a different country generally invented and built up by WHO or what type of people? (Was it built up out of the ashes of WWII by the diverse Muslim ethnic groups on welfare there?  Or was it built by the German nation/men and women that go to work everyday, like the clockwork they build based on GERMAN engineering?) 

This whole concept of defeating all awareness of white nations/"racism" is humorous, if tragic.  

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