Friday, May 13, 2016

Minorities, minorities... sure.

Guffaw... you really have been simmering in too much certified kosher freedumb of speech, huh?  Not that I blame you, I suppose.  We've got the European American freedumb fry eaters about to try to invade bathrooms to protect a Transgender Tribe from "gas chambers" at this point.   Meanwhile, Swedes (more witless whites) are apparently trying to ethnically cleanse themselves (mainly their kids, though) out of existence over there.

First anti-Euro Jewish influence came for the Germans.  Etc.  But given the endless psychological warfare consciously or subconsciously broadcast by "Hollywood" from the homeland of Team Diversity Superman: Next Episode White Transgender....  (Superman vs. Nazi Uberman: Episode of the Lost Penis) it's a worldwide influence of loathing, fear and hatred.  Still worse in Germany, I suppose. 
What is your major malfunction with failing to understand that all white/Euro "majorities" no longer exist in many regions subject to Jewish influence, due to their endless pursuit of their own cartoon "Nazi"/"racist" enemy... aka YOU?

Ah.  Perhaps you think that enough Jews are going to consciously and subconsciously turn on a dime after hundreds of years of this and say:  "Ok, now we can stop hating our cartoon Nazis, the filthy white Euro trash.  They're a minority now.  Look at how poor they're getting, how they're killing themselves.  How they're displaced by diversity.  Our diverse investment portfolio has been achieved now, so we can admit that they're a minority and all these other ethnic groups need to be diversified with...  white people.  So now this region of the country needs diversity... too many Africans here!"  Hah.  No, way.
When men of European descent are a minority in a "tolerance rainbow nation" influenced by Jews based on "Communism"/equality/envy, then your fate will be like that of the Afrikaners.

And why did you do this?  Swedes could be an example, as indigenous Swedes lived in their homeland for thousands of years as white people.  Why are they doing that? WHY have Europeans done this? 
The reaction to the Jewish Left in Britain projecting its own evil onto Hitler through its various shabbos goyim or dumb cultural minions (about as dumb as the freedumb fry eaters in America) was "epic"?  It's a false comparison.  They're much worse than most German nationalists were.  I hadn't noticed "Zionists"/criminals being in the middle of a World War incited against them by banksters/"capitalist" allied with "Communists" like the Germans were. 

Wait, are Zionists signing off on some sort of a Transfer Agreement with the Palestinians?  Are they finding billionaires to buy the land?  (Where's Mr. Jewish Tolerance Rainbow, Soros?)  Or perhaps selling an F35, given to them by Team Puppet America: Starring Transgender Superman.  (He's on his last legs... and his penis is missing!  One can only wonder what a Jewish psychologist like Freud and all the Jewish Weiners that fancy themselves like Gaylord Fockers would say.)   

No.  They're not selling F35s to pay Palestinians for the land.  Instead, they set up the lawn chairs to watch perceived tribal enemies be genocided.  "The Palestinians Must Perish!"  Because their neurotic and cartoonish/Jewish hatred for those that they view as always trying to "exterminate" them (That's all goyim.. you goys too!) is seemingly endless.  

At least the Germans actually had reason to believe that an influential and powerful (not to mention tribal) ethnic group was trying to exterminate them, given that's exactly what many Jews of the day said once they figured out that German wasn't going to be incorporated in their international "financial system."

  "Judea Declares War on Germany," "Germany Must Perish!" etc.etc.

In contrast, what can Palestinian "goyim" really do against a Talmudic, Jewish State with wealthy tribal/ethnic sympathizers spread all over the world at this point?  Do Palestinians have tribal loyalists, billionaires and "Lord Levy" or "Lord Rothschild" or a lord this and that? 

It's almost like many powerful Jews would rather kill their enemies (or perceived enemies) than make peace.

Minorities from majorities, as minorities led by Jews form majorities...  Guffaw.  LOL.

Who will protect the majority of the world from a tribal minority seeking to achieve worldwide supremacy in order to keep their minority tribe of supremacists safe?  Shalom... equally for all?

 No, it's only for them.           

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