Monday, May 16, 2016

Facebook stuff, 5/16. Convincing more people... can't believe they didn't see the influence of Jews. But there again, in the past I didn't see it either. Little wonder that Jews are feverish about not being identified on anything but their own terms through orgs like the ADL or just the endless defamation of an individual (yet tribal) Jew, etc. Go try it. Say: "Jew" in a critical way and study their behavior.

I wonder if American Judeo-Christian Zionists and the freedumb fry eaters can be convinced by Jews to kill all German nationalists again.

Probably. Assassinate them without trial when they resist diversification?

If they're not too busy with policing their transgender bathrooms and gender fluid kids that have zero ethnic identity other than kosher/Hollywood degeneracy. Gay Tribe. Transgender. Whatever. Everything but their actual identity. Gay pride, yes. White pride, no.

The degeneracy that is pushed by "Hollywood" just happens by happenstance to culturally/psychologically castrate white "Nazi"/"racist" men.

Must be a Cohencidence!

Anything less would be an "antisemitic conspiracy theory".... lol.

Dealing with the recurring reality of ethnic ecology and tribalism is always a conspiracy theory and form of craaazy that only a Jewish psychologist can diagnose according to some people.

wink emoticon

It's all a bit humorous, if tragic.

Fly White Transgender Uberman, fly... to defeat the whites... "Nazi"/racism intolerance!

Not even Anne Coulter can say the word Jew in a critical way. But better to have an open dialogue now, instead of what comes later... seems to me. I guess they're too scared of all their old lies unwinding to even begin to allow the "goyim" to say Jew in a negative way. But it's already happening. Political correctness, structured with themselves in mind above all these other minority groups. .. is breaking.

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