Friday, May 06, 2016

Black Pigeon... I can never tell if these kosher media outlets are idiots or shills. It doesn't really matter.

This guy is just blaming women and our own elderly for Jewish influence. The reason that Asians are resistant is because Hollywood/Jews don't view them as a "Nazi"/cartoon threat like they do all Europeans.

He says blame women. Now he says to blame our own elderly. This and that, as if Boomers didn't work two jobs. As if the Jews didn't run rampant with their insane cultural influence after inciting WWI and WWII. (And financing more!)

Sure, blame the old white guy. It's the fault of some baby boomer, boomed out of a different war incited by Jews. Please.

Who are these banksters influencing the world to this day? Who is "the media" that they own and work with in a seemingly tribal way? Why is it that Israel and Asian countries are what they are and only Germany is what it is?

This guy is victim blaming, guys. Great for some kosher info. But as he's informed of who is responsible for these trends let the permanent electronic record show that he continued to blame our own kin, our women and our elderly while never even MENTIONING the Tribe of banksters/"globalists"/Hollywood/Zionists/etc. that basically caused these trends.

How much would have been saved if the Iraq war wasn't incited and the cartoon Uberman/Superman of the West sent out for dumbocrazy again?  The list of questions could go on and on.

But he blames the old of our own ethnic groups. Or perhaps, women of our own ethnic groups. This proves that he can identify and analyze entire groups of people, so "politically incorrect."

But then he apparently doesn't even MENTION Jews... once!  Let alone blame them like he does whole generations and genders.

Lol. Please!

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