Monday, May 16, 2016

Ramble 5/16

Judeo-Christians will probably go feverish in the future as pagans/"Nazis" of European descent continue to arise to resist this. 

Which is interesting, given that they should be just as anxious to save and protect white people as any other group, including the Jewish "Nazi" cartoons that they're going to think they see in Europe again. 

They should be advocating for Afrikaners to be taken in as refugees, just like Syrians.  But they're usually not.  Why?  What's actually going on in whatever is left of majority white, European American churches?   

Apparently Judeo-Christianity entails ethnic suicide and replacement for all European and European derived nations according to people like John Piper.  (Bring in Chinese to settle huge communities right next to the Amish and use the federal government to promote integration, I guess.  Amish natural right to exist and live in the land of their forefathers?  Sorry.  It's probably downright scriptural to diversify all nations.... but mainly just European derived ethnic groups!  Aka, racists.) 

The same pastors simultaneously support or are silent about utterly ridiculous wars like the Iraq war and WWII being waged in the name of "national" security, waged by whatever is left of majority white nations.  So they're not exactly pacifists.  Are they merely witless whites that mistake self-righteous geno/suicide and self-hatred for martyrdom?  Regardless, I intend to resist these pied Piper nutters even if it means aligning with a white leader with the emotional maturity of a 12 year old boy like Trump.  It may be that seemingly "sophisticated"(or merely effeminate?) white theologians and many others resting on "white privilege" in First World countries built up by their European ancestors need to go back to being a boy and then become man enough to try to protect their own kin again.  They seem to be pretending that self-righteous suicide is the definition of being a Christian man.  But joining the US military or becoming a policeman is fine with them, no doubt.  Their reaction to European pagans or a non-Christian libertine like Trump will continue to betray their supposed "principles" though.  Because when it comes to ethnic identities within their own group, they actually tend to fight for the highest, fairest and most heavenly moral standards that aren't applied to others.

So Obama claims to be a Christian while working to fundamentally transform their nation/kin into a gender fluid and ethnically fluid mess, yet their pulpits tend to be silent about politics.  Maybe they haven't quite given up on gender yet but they gave up on their nation.  Now pastors that haven't commented on politics or world affairs (Probably hiding in heaven...) begin to take an interest in Donald J. Trump​.  But both the non-Christian libertine Trump (representing resistance to the destruction of European ethnic groups worldwide) and the equally "Christian" Obama (representing the fundamental transformation/diversification of Europeans worldwide) have claimed to be Christians, so why the sudden interest in politics from 501c/IRS certified kosher pastors?   Other than the Christian Zionists that support nationalism, I thought their heads were in the heavens!   

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