Tuesday, May 10, 2016


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You should convert to Judaism and become a Jewish psychologist. 

The only problem being that the Tribe woudl fuck over your half-witted mind and then kick you out of the ethnic state that they're building for themsevles. 

You are an absolute disgrace to the White tribes of the North.  So go marry an Aborigine woman and tell yourself that you've defeated "white supremacy" and assorted kosher cartoons, like a good little white boy.  Good grief. 

I would suspect trolling.  But I've been talking to a lot of dumb whites/Swedes/etc. lately.  Near as I can tell, you honestly believe in the shit that Jews (Freud, psychoanalysis, all to culturally castrate "Nazis"/"racism"/witless whites etc.) taught you. 
/(Or, if this isn't possible, to highlight only those women of color who "Europeanise" their appearances through weaves, skin creams & hair colorings)../

Michael Jackson, Lil' Kim and so on all did that to themselves because the White tribes of the North are idolized by others.  Imagine if you were an Aborigine.  Would you want to be transracial?
Again, I would half suspect some Jew pretending to be a witless Northern European in order to incite racial consciousness and renewal among their current host nations.  Otherwise, collapse/Muslim/diversity/immivasion/"migrants"/etc...  but having talked to very real witless White wonders and any number of Team Captain Diversity Superman (implicitly white, another kosher cartoon!) lately... you are usually all too real. 

With respect to the Jewish psychoanalysis crap...  here's an easy way to be sure that you don't become obsessed with the "white supremacy" of your implicilty white penis.  Cut it off.

The Jews call that transgender... sort of like a total circumcision... and then you could join their kosher Transgender Tribe of minority/minion victims, created in their own image. 

I'll grant them this.  If I was living in Africa and viewed the majority/natives/nativists/"racist" through Jewish/minority eyes then I would probably tell them to be beta males too.  Transgender, etc.  There is some safety in it.  But they're missing something. 

Poor, poor Jews.. it's not going to work.  (I'm replying to them directly, not a witless white goyim golem like you.  Because you are like their cultural minion.  Or a troll.)

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