Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Ramble to the Golden One, a European nationalist. We'l have to see if he starts identifying and talkiing about Jews later.

You will need to deal with Jewish tribalism one way or another, even if you want to avoid the "Nazis"/cartoons that they created to represent an expression of European tribalism. Then there's European Americans in the US, that view themselves as a white Team Superman comic book character created by Jewish boys to defeat the "Nazi" cartoon Uberman. It's not that they don't have an identity. It's that their implicitly White Team Captain America identity revolves around being cucks for foreign groups/"minorities" that are already majorities worldwide.

Hollywood and endless Jewish cultivation of European derived cultures matters because the Nordic/Norsemen/Norman cartoons of the White tribes of the North are being turned toward the interests of Jews to this day. Iraq war, latest iteration. And the little white/norman/Northman boys follow their culture... at least until "Superman" cuts his dick off and becomes a transgender in the next episode of Jewish cartoons. Or perhaps marries Thor, in a safe beta male wedding in order to avoid being a "Nazi" cartoon. Shalom, Superman.

Hitler aside, you will not be able to make a video like this for your people without saying Jew. Because it's them. It's Jews. It's Barbara Lerner Spectre in Sweden. It's Israel Zhangwill with his old "melting pot" play for European Americans. It's some Jewish kids with their "Uberman" cartoons, an identity defined based on rejecting European tribalism. It's Emma Lazarus with her "wretched refuse" poem about the "filthy goyim" giving up their ancient tribal roots and monuments to become a cosmopolitan consumer while she maintains an ancient expression of tribalism for her own group.

That's their so-called Zionism for a tribal group whose ethnic identity is rooted in international criminality and supremacy relative to the "goyim"/nations/tribes. Illuminati = "light unto the goyim" for any silly conspiracy theorists... etc. You have to say Jew or you have next to nothing worthwhile to say. WWI? WWII? Jews were just sitting around twiddling their thumbs until our German kin went mad and accused Jews of their usual crimes for no reason at all? I blame lizard people. And the Illuminati. It's probably illuminated lizard people or a mysterious pathological farce in Europeans themselves, actually. Or is it?

Or maybe... it's just, Jews! Lol.

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