Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ramble 5/10

Just take it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Tribalism and the existence of family/kin/ethnic groups.... what you call """"collectivism,"""" is too basic. You say "It was the government, blah, blah..". Yes, the government of France that was built up (or at least usually not burned down.) by THE FRENCH as a people/kin group/nation. Governments are usually just expressions of different ethnic groups or ethnic colonizers. A tribe of African pygmies comes up with a different government than Eskimos, etc.

Look at how Germany will change now that the Jews have finally been successful in their genocidal wars against Germans. Perhaps "the government" there will be Muslim or some weird multicultural gibberish, so that Muslim ethnic groups will be to blame (collectively) for whatever they do.

Collectivism/tribalism is real. Just admit it. Ironically libertarian "goyim" are following some ideology heavily influenced by Jews like Ayn Rand. They totally atomize and monetize the "goy" while others collectivize them based on some false ideology, whether American exceptionalism or communism. With libertarians/anarchists, it just so happens that radical individualism is pushed to the point that the cultures/communities/nations/tribes of the "goyim" are pushed to implosion. So the idea of a White Uberman for a Jewess is some witless white wonder "going Galt." Or the idea of some Jewish boys imagining a White Team Cuck Superman defeating their "Nazi" cartoon superman is American exceptionalism hovering over a melting pot of wretched refuse/multiculturalism. Jewish plays, comic books, poems and on and on never deal with the fact that their implicitly white Superman (But, an alien!) from the heartland (That Jews hate, unless they want a Superman for war.) has an ethnic identity and roots in the real world that are not "diversity." Not globalism. Not exceptional justice for all. (Perhaps the next episode for that Goy Golem: Beta Male Transgendered: Can't Defeat Another Hitler... because he is, after all, still too much of a white/racist man just like Jewish "Nazi" cartoons.)

You were great up to a point, Dawson. Not sure why Native Americans were running around over here playing with spears and such if they were as intelligent as you are. Although your ethnic identity and sense of tribalism (collectivism!!!!) probably helped you see what is going on with the freedumb fry eaters and hopium smokers in America.

I'm still listening but I think you're probably wrong on your failure to admit to "ethnic ecology," tribalism and race. Just because some white goy gets angry and begins shouting about Jews doesn't mean that he's wrong. It's the Jews. Collectively. (Heck, they want endless reparations from GERMANS... so apparently they don't have much trouble with "collectivism.")

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