Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The usual. Debating someone and they have no answers if they're not allowed to shift the existence of forests into individual trees. As if forests don't even exist... yet then they admit that they do exist. But then, poof... there they go again, as observations can be atomized at will.

All Jews are getting their ethnic identity from a criminal cult of tribal supremacy. ALL.  So a thousand page comment about the history of this and that tribal civilization aside... it's all Jews, socially constructing themselves based on Judaism.  Or refusing to give up a tribal identity rooted in the criminal teachings of some old crazy guys with beards.

If there's one Jewish individual not involved in criminality?  Who? 

Like the Thuggees, their ethnic identity is criminal.  That's why people keep trying to identify them and kick them out.  They could have identified the criminality within their own group and tried to kick it out.  Yet they usually don't get far.  Too much pride. 

When there's a widespread "transjew" movement that matches this transgender stuff that the Tribe has pushed on Europeans/"whites" in order to make them safe beta males as opposed to their hyper masculine "Nazi" cartoons... then let me know.

I'd like to see the day.

But I think you'll find that there are zero transJews.  They'll be anything.  An exceptionally American Jew.   A Jew for Peace.  A Jew for a Piece.  Jew this, Jew that.  Transgender Gay Jew, like the tribal minority groups created in their own Victim image... even! 

But they refuse to transcend their Jewish/criminal  identity.

Whatever happened to the Thuggees, anyway?  Was it all of them?  Who were they? 

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