Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Comment on Monica Lewinsky and all the old Clinton crap.... ugh.

It matters when a Jewess subverts an American president.  That was back in the day.  Drudge, a gay Jew, got a media outlet out of it.  Now he's all in for Trump! 

The Jewish Right aside... perhaps there's a dynamic that the Jewish Left missed while pushing for gay/transgenderism/safe beta males to avoid "Nazism" arising among the "goyim" again.  Perhaps beta males usually begin to want a Leader to rectify everything that they've left unsaid.  All their failures, their effete hipsterism, their attempt to hide behind men from other ethnic groups, their failure to fight to protect their kin for themselves and on and on begin to seek a "correction" as naturally as water runs down hill.  It can be dammed.  But you're merely cursing nature until what you've damned gives way. 

Perhaps Jews should be thankful that Trump is really quite kosher (perspectives vary) and loves Jews like his own family, even if he is an independent White "might be a Nazi!!!!" man. 

But instead, most basically think he's a Hitler that needs to be blackmailed like the Clintons or beta black maled emotionally... or transgendered and so forth.  I think that's why their spiritual/cultural minions like Glenn Beck have gone crazy.  Trump is Hitler, the Great Devil that cultural minions of Jews have been told of since birth. 

Yet, it turns out that their Great Satan loves Jews and likes to monetize the world in general too, so long as the art of the deal looks good and his tower is bigger than your tower.. etc.

 It's all getting very confusing from the perspective of people that cannot notice that Monica Lewinsky is a Jewess, I'd imagine.  Cannot. Because if they notice, then they might be another Hitler!  Boo!!!  It's Hitler, again!!! 

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