Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Ramble 5/3

The rest of this is TLDR but I feel like rambling today.

Most people of European descent worldwide cannot face the fact that their endless entertainment and cartoons (Comic Book Movie: Episode Another Sequel) are not real... at all. So they seem to want to play the part of a Team Diversity Superman in the movies, a cartoon created by Jewish boys to defeat cartoon "Nazi Ubermen" in reality.   
More sophisticated European Americans like their melting pot play, a metaphor created by a Jewish boy that actually didn't want his own tribe to melt into a multicultural morass. In fact, the person that wrote the play was a "Zionist," a perverse form of nationalism.  
Modern European Americans also like the dream of "wretched refuse" washing up, devoid of their roots in the Old Colossus and their old civilizations. Yet, a poem written by a cosmopolitan who in the city? Written by a Jewess that supported Jewish nationalism/tribalism because she did not dream of her own people having no ethnic identity but dreams, plays, poems and entertainment. 
(We "goyim" ultimately can't have the so-called illuminati "light unto the tribes/goyim" being equally diverse with filth and refuse that they shine on, can we?)

And so the show goes on... the diverse ethnic groups known as "white people" clearly love an anti-White Empire of Entertainment built by Zionists more than their own children, kin and national roots in reality. They prefer cartoons. Apparently they will continue to be displaced and diversified out of existence just like the witless Swedes, all the while being told to go to kosher wars for the sake of "national" security. (What nation? Nigerian immigrants, perhaps. Or the Somalians that made threats against the Mall of America? Or perhaps the Chinese anchor babies... until they have the first Chinese president.  Progress.  It will be the current year then, after America.)

The show must go on... Team American Uberman: Episode Good Goy Puppets Defeating Another Hitler... I wouldn't strut around too much thinking that we are any different than our addled white kin like the Swedes taking a less bellicose path to the same end. (Their kosher goal is to be a "humanitarian superpower" for diversity.) We're doing the same anti-White things, subject to the same Jewish/cultural influence of people like Barbara Spectre. In fact, she's a Jewess that lived in America before heading to Sweden to be a "light unto the goyim."

It's will all be about "national" security whenever the Jews want another war to defeat "another Hitler"/Putin/Saddam/Assad/etc. But better hire a Clock Boy for more diversity while arresting little White boys for chewing a pop tart into the shape of a gun until it's time for the next Team Diversity Police war, because all White "Nazi"/"racist" boys are the ethnic/cultural/tribal target that need to be diversified, neutered and ultimately transgendered.

Still waiting on a Transgendered Superman. At least the upside down triangle symbol is already on his/her chest. Seems intolerant that an implicitly White Superman from the heartland and Team Captain Diversity have lasted this long, really. But I guess it's hard to explain to white goys why old used up cartoons need to be fashioned for new uses, based on perceived threats to the Tribe in the current year.

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