Friday, May 13, 2016

Ramble 5/3

/I could claim too some... neurotic reactions to some of the words of the presumptive potential Leader of the military alliance called NATO./

Why?  You don't have "national" security.  Whatever your ethnic identity as a European, you're expected to diversify yourselves out of existence into a more easily managed and monetized herd.  This should be your highest goal, right? 
You're concerned that Team White American freedumb fry eaters are going to retreat as the Empire of Entertainment built on their ethnic spine declines? 

Just be happy that the Jews haven't instructed their ridiculous goyim golem (a melting pot of white trash/wretched refuse, from their perspective.) to start assassinating "Europeans" without trial while checking your underpants for WMDs.  After diversity is acheived there, why not?  After all, anyone that happens to wander accross Europe is now a "European."   And European Americans along with more and more diversity are already assassinating other ethnic groups without trial in order to push the hopium and change.  Migrations, assassinations, anti-nationalism/"racism" marketed in the name of "national security" right in your own homelands for everyone of European descent etc.. look out the window,  this is reality. 
In contrast Trump as Hitler/racist/etc. is a Jewish TV show or a menstrual blood painting of a Jewess portraying the "filthy goy" (unclean, like menstrual blood) in order to try to diversify other "wretched refuse"/Syrians out of existence in the interests of the Tribe.  Is this an American dream?  Or a different dream... perhaps it's a nightmare for many.  Is Lady Liberty the "light unto the goyim"?  Or transgender?  Look closer.   
But Trump/Hitler is real scary!  Boo!  Lol...  watch out!  He's probably going to try to make his grandchildren into lampshades!

Observe reality, not endless Jewish TV shows/movies/stories/"the media"/"Harvard professor says..."/"American culture..."/etc.   If you're of European descent, then you have no "national security" anyway.  Because you might be a Jewish cartoon "Nazi"/"racist"... and therefore need to be diversified out of existence in your own country, no matter if you're indigenous Europeans or not.  Even before "Nazi" cartooons all the envy/equality/"Communism"/etc. of the world was being incited against you by the usual suspects.  Communism failed but similar trends toward equality/envy are now combined with endless incitement from "Hollywood"/"the media"/neurotic Jews that believe their own tribal lies. 

They are driven by irrational hatred and fear and will not let their lies about the "goyim" be corrected.  So they will even undermine their own ethnic interests too. For instance, they invite Muslim ethnic groups in to diversify hated Europeans/"Nazis"/"medeival antisemites"/etc. and consciously or subconsciously expect to be able to go to their own ethnic state if their little experiment with the "goyim" goes wrong.   But what supports their ethnic state now? 

Standing back and looking at what would be good for Jews objectively (minus the anti-Euro phobias), this was all stupid.  But unfortunately for everyone the vast majority of Jews are motivated by irrational fears and hatred of white people/Europeans/"Nazis" just like Jews throughout history have always generally feared and hated the "goyim." Apparently it's tough being the member of a socially/rabbinically constructed criminal cult seeking supremacy over all tribes/nations.  Apparently most believe their own stories that are rather mysteriously all similar (Jews migrate from wherever they just got kicked out of due to their behavior, run into a conflict of national interests with their next host population...  and it's all very mysterious "conspiracy theories" from there!), all the way back to Purim.  To this day, they celebrate preemptively genociding (killing tribally) perceived enemies down to the last woman and child based on their own neurotic culture and "conspiracy theories."  As resistance arises then they apparently wonder:   "Me, ma moo?   Why Persians/Iranian don't like us?  We just twiddling our thumbs."  

Meanwhile, witless whites/Europeans wander around wondering why it seems like their own governments/media/"Hollywood" hates their guts.  Stewart is just another anti-white ethnic chameleon that played it all up on his show, with white cartoons vs. black cartoons that were never allowed outside the lines.  Because he has a different ethnic identity and got shouted down by other bed wetters when he so much as joked:  "Should we really be killing Palestinians again?"   If white Americans had the same mentality, then they'd probably send the freedumb fry eaters into Detriot to build bridges and win hearts and minds.  Or Trump would be sending settlers to the Mexico border and building a wall on their side instead of just saying: "We need to have a border.  You either have a country or you don't.  Well, Israel has a wall... or somethin'... so why can't we dumb goyim have one?"  

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