Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ramble 5/10... Black Pigeon.

/More like they fought the war FOR the Jews./

And our ethnic groups will be convinced to fight another civil war if they listen to idiots like this Black Pigeon guy.

I was trying to be nice at first, like: "Well, he makes some good points and maybe he doesn't know or somethin'." 

But fuck.  This type of abject failure to identify and subject Jews to criticism (as tribal Jewish operators) is exactly why the so-called "Greatest Generation" did what they did.  And everyone else has been trying to defeat "another Hitler," often based on yet more Jewish atrocity propaganda and lies ever since.  So I wouldn't strut around too much or say: "The Greatest Generation wasn't that great but we've been anti-war and stuff."  Bullshit.  The Left can't even name the Jews that have advocated for all these post WWII/"another Hitler" wars.  The American Left blamed the Iraq war on oil.  (???)  

Meanwhile, European tribalism/"racism"/"Nazism" is being annihilated culturally based on endless Jewish academic activism (Jared Diamond, etc.), movies, plays, TV shows (Gay Nation, that's kosher nationalism.) and so on.

So let's begin here.  Black Pigeon is the problem.

Not European women.  Not entire generations.  Not lizard people.  Hell, it's not even really the Jews in a way.  What do you really expect from a socially constructed group that gets their tribal identity from a criminal cult of supremacy?  They've generally always been this way, we're just seeing secular variants of the same old thing now.  That's why they usually get kicked out by the "goyim."  Because diverse groups of people realize: "Say, it seems like this other group is trying to achieve supremacy over us based on tribal criminality or somethin'.  Who are these people, anyway?"  Again and again...

It's not the Jewish (or kosher lizard people, guffaw!) as a group.  It's this individual guy that fails to tell the truth, right here!

Let's start here, instead of whole generations of elderly white women... no doubt.  "Say, this Black Pigeon fellow convinced me...  I blame grandma now!"  LOL.   

No.  I blame you and other "politically incorrect" cowards like you.  

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