Monday, November 10, 2014

This is called... a "rant."

But it would be very interesting if we could know why people assume that the Presidential election matters — when in fact most of the issues discussed are NOT within the power of the President to do anything about.

Generally, it's probably the same reason that you care about and campaign on psychological wedge issues that are generally going to be decided by the courts (And trends in America's progressively ridiculous "ivy league" legal culture until the end.) while failing to focus on financing/power of the purse, oversight, the votes for acts of war and so on that Congress is actually supposed to be in charge of.

You're already headed toward even more overt forms of war with Russia and Syria/Iran.  None of the pretexts to fire up Team Captain America have worked out yet...  but something better may happen soon or be more likely with Red Team, given your history of rallying around a false flag or an event that can be turned into a pretext before the dust even settles.  Someone could blow something up and Wade would be over joining the IDF in a few minutes.  I have no problem with people being courageous but THINK first.  Will the McCainiac sit on the Armed Services Committee now that the Republicans won the Senate?   Probabilities, scenarios and so on for more War Inc. or an attack by "ISIS" on the homeland all go up when Red Team is in charge.  What does his increased power mean with respect to his friends in banking and the military industrial complex?  Etc.  You probably don't really care about discussing the most important and relevant issues that are within the power of your "representative" either.  It's not what you campaign or focus on.  Although I realize that peasants are full of freedumb.   So, Ebola!!! 

Here comes the McCainiac to save you from it while continued attempts to weaponize it continue in the background, no doubt.

Same thing with Markell, he's saving you from climate change while continued attempts to weaponize the weather and "plans" to manage the climate with geoengineering continue in the background.  Fortunately no form of would ever try to manipulate the climate or the weather in order to profit for themselves.   Shew!

To some extent, the salesmen (McCain, Markell, etc.) themselves actually seem to believe their own BS.  They're politicians and entertainers and their media (also largely turning into entertainment*) is apparently busy with asking them their favorite color or their clueless opinions on gay marriage.   

More freedumb.

Seymour Hersh, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, said all the details surrounding the U.S. raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound that resulted in the terrorist leader’s death are completely false.

That whole story of U.S. success is “one big lie,” he said in The Guardian.

“Not one word of it is true,” he said, referring to the narrative put forth by the Obama administration about the bin Laden mission and about the al Qaeda leader’s 2011 death.
Washington Times
  Wow, so an old "investigative journalist" is finally catching on.  Kudos.  Great work.  Just kidding.  They're all too slow.  Still better or closer to the truth than the BS that most people in dumbocrazies believe, I guess.

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