Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Rambling... all this could use some work. Not worth it.

In college, they're apparently taught by the equally clueless to fancy themselves as a "bearded Marxist" like this trendy political pet Chris Coons.  And yet they accomplish nothing for the poor, beard, bald or not...  because they're merely controlled opposition.  How else would you wind up with a clueless Congressman calling himself a "bearded Marxist" when he's actually just a political pet?  Shrug.  This is absurd.  Did Coons go to preschool?   

What's really going to impact the lives of students?  They, especially the dumber ones, will be working significant portions of their lives to pay back a mortgage created out of nothing by bankers.  They will not be incorporated in the oligarchy like Coons and other political pets.  So educate them on things that will have significance and relevance in their lives.  Perhaps at some point have them read and study a mortgage or the "geometric shape" of an interest rate on a graph. 

Coons is not even playing pretend about being a Marxist anymore and even if he was a so-called Marxist supposedly opposing "capitalists".... that would be equally stupid.  If any supposed revolutionary does not mention banksterism, then they're worthless.  Marx, worthless:

   Moses Mordecai Marx Levi (‘Karl Marx’) was a ghostwriter for Rothschild. 
   Marxism is the controlled opposition against Capitalism, creating what would become the classical dialectic Capitalism vs. Marxism, that the elites use to get to World Governance through managed conflict.
    Marxism’s main aim is to transfer the Capitalist Monopoly into State hands, claiming this will end Plutocracy, but ‘overlooking’ that the State is and always has been owned by said Plutocracy. In a dialectic both ‘protagonists’ have hidden attributes in common and Capitalism and Marxism are both Godless, Materialist and Monopolies.
    Economically speaking Marx managed to hide that Capitalism is Usury, Banking. He promoted the idea of an amorphous Capitalist class, hiding that Finance (Usury) rules over Commerce, Industry, Land and Labor alike. A small business man obviously has much more in common with the worker than with the banker.
   In the West, implementation of Marxism was simply not an option and their strategists decided to first subvert society, before consolidating everything in a Marxist Global State.
   For this Marxism morphed into Cultural Marxism, spearheaded by the Frankfurter School.
   They started subverting everything: modern ‘art’ for instance, total soulless garbage, a far cry from the wonderful, inspired art of the 1800’s and before. This debases our sense of beauty and diminishes our capacity to differentiate the unbecoming from the elevating.
   Much worse, they invented Feminism, changing the problem from Plutocracy to Patriarchy and setting up the women against their men. The key goal is to destroy family, isolating individuals and thus making them more vulnerable to top down control. A stunning success, with a 50% divorce rate and fewer people marrying every year.  (Cultural Marxism: Managing The Ant Farm by Anthony Migchels)
  There is a way out, as the occultist that wrote the Wizard of Oz/gold noted for dumb peasants in the past.  "There's no place like home."  Do not travel the yellow brick road, it's merely an illusion full of hopium (the poppy fields) and based on terrorism (the man behind the curtain) in the end. 

You do not need a financial Wizard of Oz at the end of the yellow brick road.  Issue your own currencies based on the strength of your local governments, local businesses and local communities.

This is a slightly pathetic state of affairs for Americans.  From their Masonic Founders, to their occultists, to their traditions, to the founders of their political parties... and on the list could go, they were often more serious minded in the past.  If only they could all go to preschool now and learned about geometric shapes, then everything would change and they'd pick up their traditional rebellious attitude toward banksterism. 

Just kidding.

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