Friday, November 07, 2014

Ramble 11/7

Real perspective:  "Limousine liberal swindler: In his popular television series 'The West Wing,' Jewish creator and writer Aaron Sorkin (above) [also the producer of Newsroom] glorifies the Democratic administration of Josiah Bartlet (Martin Sheen) as a champion of the people, yet it turns out Sorkin himself is just another pampered Hollywood phony who personally venerates elitism while passing off his self-serving left-liberal political clique as populist." 

His shows are just another lens in the mainstream/Jewish media for Americans to see themselves through.  Sometimes Jews have a point, sometimes they do not.  But there is the "minor" issue of logs and specks when the Tribe Inc. goes after America, often for things that their own political lobbies for War Inc. in the interests of Jews and the Talmudic bankers that finance it have done.  Not to mention the sixteen year old Arab kids that are being assassinated without trial in the background thanks to Rahm "IDF" Immanuel, David Axelrod and the Judaized views of Obama Inc. etc.  They're really selling the hopium.  Prices are at an all time low. 

Ironic:  "The most honest three minutes in television history..." 

Sorkin, like the clueless liberal trendies he directs on these shows probably doesn't even know he is a liar.  But he is a liar and some of these guys apparently got their jobs through ethnic networking in the tribe, just like the originally worked together to take over these companies.  The math doesn't add up, with 1% of the population working together as a tribe to dominate "the news," banking and "the media" as usual while simultaneously saying that the goyim need to take "affirmative actions" against each other. 

They can't all be supposed geniuses.  Indeed, they are not.  But they work together and incorporate with each other as an ethnic bloc, naturally.    

There is plenty to criticize America and American goyim for, yet ironically Sorkin's tribe is to blame for many of the things that they want to have trendy liberals "blame America first" for.  For instance, they love their movies about how what they perceive as white Christian American tribes/goyim are responsible for slavery.  And of course, it's partially true.  A half truth.  I could go on and on.  It's a case of logs and specks. 

Jesus already told everyone about it... why aren't you listening?  You can't see through "the media" or the creation of a reality show?  That's another problem, people are so far into entertainment and media that reality turns into a reality show for them... produced and monetized by others.  Who is producing "the media" or worse, "the news"?  What is their perspective?  Why is that their perspective?  Do you think that the clueless and trendy liberal actors in the show are not being directed or that the show is not being produced and scripted?   

It's not worth idolizing any "nation."  It's more important to ask whether the individuals incorporated in a nation are good than if "a nation" seen through a Jewish lens on a TV show (More entertainment!) is "great." 

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