Friday, November 14, 2014

Oops... ramble, 11/14

Do you really need an occultist to spell it out for you?  Next thing you'll be with the goldbugs trying to travel the yellow brick road next to the poppy fields (more hopium) to find the financial wizard at the end.  Reality shows about preppers incoming....    

More entertainment.  It could be your own representative forms of government spending money into existence and using the power of money in your interests.  (In theory...  if you weren't so full of freedumb and bread and circuses and NFL and reality shows.) 

Meanwhile back in reality, the fact is that you're borrowing money/debt into existence every time the illegitimate, criminal and war mongering group of thieves (war = "money") calling themselves the "United States Government" these days spends "money" into existence.    Surely even the most brain dead and overly "handled" careerist and "bearded Marxist" must know that they're doing zero for the poor and their own veterans and so on, at this point?   The political pet and careerist Coons is legitimizing an unconstitutional financial system that creates poverty and wars, worldwide.  And that's what Wade was going to do also, provided he wasn't off serving the "special interests" of the IDF and thereby helping out a lot of European racists that apparently converted to Talmudism or secular versions of "I'm feeling pretty special now." tribalism.  That's all deeply incorporated in War Inc. and the "entanglement" that the Founders warned against.  (I guess it's all well beyond that, at this point.  At this point you'd almost need representation in the Israeli government or religiously based lobbying groups and tribal oligarchs working over there in a foreign nation in order to have more representation in your own "government.")

I get into trouble for talking about Jews but what are you supposed to talk about?  Rainbows. Whether or not to look out for the special interests of a supposed Bathroom Tribe by building new bathrooms... because the Bathroom Tribe may be bullied by bathroom Nazis.  Etc.  Send in Jack the messianic mess Markell to save the Bathroom Tribe!  The first Jewish governor to save them all from "climate change" too, no doubt.  (Do you know why they censor satirists?  Lol.  )    

Do you want entertainment or do you want power and representation?  Do you want a functional, Constitutional and representative form of governmental or do you want MORE ENTERTAINMENT!  (You know, saving the Transgendered Tribe from bathroom bullies might cause "climate change."  Just saying.)

I think you want entertainment.  Because the answers are already clear with respect to who has power (oligarchs, Jewish organizations and fronts like the SPLC almost openly policing you peasants) and who does not (goyim, peasants) for anyone with an attention span longer than a gnat.  The thing of it is, we might better off under their "politically correct" rule.  As annoying as forms of soft cultural and financial power and some of the most powerful people in the world playing pretend about being eternal victims of the entire world may be.  (With nary a question in sight as far as why that might be other than excluded voices like Israel Shahak, Gilad Atzmon, Norman Finklestein, etc.). 

Because every time you offer a candidate, they're usually looney tunes and off on Agenda 21 or whatever.  Who generally has the money and the power, in reality?  Why do you cower culturally before organizations like the ADL and the SPLC?  Why do you all need money for your campaigns from Adelson/Abramoff/Soros/Lloyd Blankfein or whoever?  And if you get through all that, then why are you essentially signing loyalty oaths to a foreign nation?  (If not, then here comes the mainstream media teleprompter readers and the SPLC/ADL/DHS or perhaps factions of the FBI?)                      

Shrug.  What did Einstein say about stupidity...  I forget.  He was a universalist so he applied his statement to humanity in general.  Infinite stupidity in a finite universe?  With respect to Einstein tribalist reasoning seems to go something like this,  "Einstein was in my tribe... so that must mean that I'm smart too.  Einstein, Einstein, Einstein!  Big News, we're smart!" 

But that's not actually the case,  Einstein was indeed very intelligent.  But you may still be the village or tribal idiot.... and he told Zionists/tribalists that.  Wrote a letter, signed it, etc...

But of course, many didn't listen to Einstein even while celebrating him as a perceived member of their tribe.  So here we are, generally...  with this mess.  

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