Friday, November 21, 2014

Ramble 11/21

Stop all foreign aid.

Usually just bailouts to favored banks and corporations by the oligarchy to nations that have been IMF'd anyway.

"Here, let us help you.  Here's some ponzi!!!"   All built on the backs of American peasants full of freedumb, of course...  no matter how many times they're told that War Inc. is a scam or to be on the look out for false flag attacks, etc.   No matter how many whistle blowers there are, telling them exactly what's going on.  They're  not paying attention until told to.  Then suddenly, they'll pay attention to their corporate media just long enough to get sent to wars over WMDs that their military industrial complexes gave to some dictator or the terrorists again.

Apparently even the most brain dead got tired of that one.  Now what?   Oh, that's right.  ISIS.   

Limit welfare to six months.

Shrug.  Give trillions to the homeless veterans in order to stimulate the economy, more jobs saved and created.

I'm not into the libertarian or conservative abstractions typical to goldbugs.  Money is already being created out of nothing by international cartels of criminals (behind the goyim, so go ahead and work to create it in the interests of people in general at a decentralized or local level.  For that matter, have the Federal Reserve pay reparations to African Americans for the international slave trade.  "Globalist."  "International."

Generally, euphemisms...  or in the parlance of identity politics produced and managed based on tribalism, "code words." I'm not one for code words. So what does it mean when Jack Markell attends a "Labor Zionist youth camp"?  Can white people of any sort attend a white separatist or nationalist youth camp with nary a blink from the minions of "political correctness"?  Could an African American attend a black nationalist or black separatist youth camp... again, with nary a peep in the media about what a dangerous candidate for office they are? If a black nationalist played pretend about working to protect the interests of a Transgendered Bathroom Tribe while actually attending business meetings with other black supremacists, would that ameliorate the problem of their decidedly non-"multicultural" beliefs about black separatism or black supremacy?           

Erase China debt- what we owe is the fee they owe for freeing them from the yoke of Imperial Japan.

Theatrics and sabre rattling aside, conflict with China is unlikely. 

Russia, yes.  China, no.

Close 90% of US bases on foreign soil. Charge a “defense fee” for those interested.

Have you talked to Fay, Moseley and Anderson about that?  

Initiate a 50% excise tax on all goods coming from China, Korea, India and anywhere else where the average wages is below $8 US per hour.

Sounds like a better idea than companies in China investing in more suicide nets...

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