Friday, November 07, 2014

Ramble 11/7.. 2

If they were then they wouldn't universally and unanimously support Zionism while turning a blind eye to all that goes into establishing a religious "Jewish State" mixed liberally with secular versions of tribalism and racism also, etc.  (Riots at interracial weddings incoming, institutionalized racism... etc. All of that and more is not widely reported by the mainstream Tribe Inc. as being very controversial or emblematic of a "climate of hate."  But if  George "the pet" Bush visits Bob Jones where interracial marriage was once forbidden?   Widely reported.   Etc. ) 

Apparently Zionism is the only thing everyone that wants to be a careerist political pet agrees on at this point.  They're calling their own countrymen terrorists (Joe Biden, Nobody) or talking about Muslim Manchurian (Jon Moseley) candidates otherwise.  Dumb and dumber.  The building and national monuments built up by representatives of Americans whose shoes they are not fit to tie could be collapsing on their heads in yet another false flag and they'd try to stay in the building on the political stage to argue against each other instead of uniting to help we, the American people out with an actual investigation. 

Meanwhile, these liberal trendies that will be all stirred up about the "separation of religion and state" whenever they see a pagan Christmas tree?  They're quite the courageous crusaders against establishing an entire state based on religion in the MidEast, are they not?  Get ready for the "war on Christmas" because it's tradition.  Tradition! Though...  

At least there's still one thing that these looney tunes on the Right and the Left in America with no actual principles other than "perceptions are reality" and entertainment agree on, I guess.  It's the United States of Entertainment, apparently.  You either have principles or you do not.  If you believe in separating religion and state, then that's a universal principle.  Etc.  

It may be that cracks are showing in their cultural perceptions though... for instance, Bill Maher and Sam Harris recently told one their clueless trendies in Hollywood that he's reached the limit of his usefulness as the entertainer that he is.  "This is an area in which liberals have failed us."  Failed who?

Neither one of them (Maher, Harris) can put two words together about their own perceived culture or tribe.  Like fish in water, they do not see it or want to take a look at it.  What that amounts to is that they'll make documentaries and attack Christians and Muslims all day (I.e. millions of people and factions that don't even agree with each other.) but so-called "atheists" apparently cannot put two words together about rabbis, Talmudists and Chabad no matter what they're up to now.    After all, that would be anti-Semitic.  And they want to fit in with their culture. 

Interesting that when O'Donnell was on Maher's show it would have been so easy to eviscerate Bill Maher in any number of ways, in reality.  But Miss MTV did not...  probably too busy with planning her next reality show and the production of yet more entertainment.  Clueless.    Little wonder that "truther" is an insult in all of your cultures of lies and deceit.  But then you expect people to join your political movements?   You may actually have to focus on facts, logic, evidence and the truth before beginning the campaign or providing people with entertainment.  It can't all be entertainment and political games, right?    

Shrug.   Suit yourselves. 

Fun times.

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