Friday, November 21, 2014

Meh... going to think about this more.

Abolish the Federal Reserve and return to the gold standard.

They already own a monopoly on gold and control the bull/Golden Calf market for it.  If anyone had any credibility then they could issue their own currency instead of having it created from nothing by a banking cartel.  (Symbolically represented as the Wizard of Oz in American traditions... are you going to buy gold from the financial wizards of the Tribe that have been controlling people with their yellow brick road for thousands of years?) 

If "states" don't have any integrity and the actual power of money would go to their heads, then I guess they could try to use the physical integrity of gold to limit themselves like the Founders did.  Although the global financial "system" has already thoroughly corrupted gold because they can create money out of nothing to short sell it, etc.  Debatable, I guess. 

But no one is debating it. 

Side note, Soros and Jewish bankers want war with Russia now.  And various proxies are already basically at war, like the Right Sector goons in the Ukraine.  They must be dumb.  Nazism, there they go again.  Like they're going to have any power when they reach the limit of their usefulness.

Soros and other "Jewish Leftists" aside, it's not about free rainbows for the goyim.  He wants to give you all a free rainbow and save the gays in Russia while Victoria Nuland/Nudelman is working with Right Sector in the Ukraine?  Does that really make sense to even the most brain dead conservative (War with Russia, cold war... again!) or progressive (It's because they don't have free rainbows, isn't it!)? 

Goyim.  Meh.        

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