Friday, November 14, 2014

Dude! Alright, just talking to myself and thinking... too many rambles today.

Because your crapitalist freedumb isn't free in the context of a banking system (aka "the economy") provided by a banking cartel...   mainly because it isn't capitalism.    

At a minimum you shouldn't try to pay down the ponzi of the financial Wizard of Oz by closing down open air war memorials and cutting veterans benefits.  They're probably going to want to create more ponzi for war and then have you build more memorials and fields of white crosses later anyway. 

Their attitudes generally all converge, whether it's a rabbi talking about how worthless the blood of the goyim/cattle are or Kissinger saying that military men are dumb, stupid animals...  or another empire builder working for an oligarchy saying the same type of stuff. 

The geopolitical perspective, from above where the all seeing eyes of the drones will be, converges on a psychopathic view of the world.  That's usually the view of any "triangle club" that fancies themselves as fit to rule/measure the entire world from the top of the latest pyramid scheme.  Shrug.  It's been this way since ancient times.  If there's one thing I would say it's that people that take that worldly view, eventually do not care about or love their neighbor. 

They do not care about you.  And the longer a government exists that provides a context in which people can create enough wealth to create standing armies that turn it into an Empire and so forth, then the less its rulers will care about their peasants.

Do you understand?  If that (supposedly cynical) premise is settled, then people can get on with the business of establishing a government...  

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