Friday, November 21, 2014

Ramble 11/21.. second one? I forget.

With respect to civil war scenarios, I wonder if we should hope that "people"/men get so wrapped up in fake forms of tribalism (NFL/NBA, etc.) and fake forms of war (X-Box) that they never get to the real stuff.  It's all a simulation.  Safety first!  That sort of thing.  All of this stuff that survivalist types or those that have worked in war torn nations don't seem to account for.  The existence of home entertainment systems.  Technology.  Cultural Marxism, money and the forms of soft power typical to the New World Order Inc. by which issues like immigration are being managed.   

Anyway, life is good for me.  But it's rough for the veterans of wars based on lies and other progressively poorer peasants.  And I do not see that changing any time soon, due to their own freedumb and refusal to take advantage of their freedom to question their rather thoroughly Judaized government.  This, whatever it is now, (Looks like some sort of a circus...  paid for in blood by the goyim behind the scenes.) could go on a long, long time. 

The US government could probably still allow a big false flag from Zionists to rally the people together around the flag, right?  Nobody is hoping that it's white supremacists that are framed and blamed by the DHS/ADL/SPLC "fusion centers" or whatever, no doubt.  That way he can get more Democrats elected to...  be even more servile to his owners.  Moseley is hoping that it will be Muslims in order to blame the "Muslim Manchurian candidate" that's actually surrounded by former members of the IDF and other Jews.  You know who it will not be and who doesn't have much to worry about?  The people dancing around during the last "event" that were deported later, even after being found with thousands of dollars, passes to the buildings, bombs in the truck, etc.       (With each co-opted "drill" and scenario, probabilities go up and down...  etc. ) 

 *Freedumb:"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."  --Einstein

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