Friday, November 21, 2014

And once again... as if it's my fault that Big News in America usually revolves around Jews.

Secondly, people look at what kind of job the government does at running the rail system, the postal system and the tax system...

Like the Federal Reserve, technically I think an "international corporation" ultimately runs the IRS anyway. 

I could be wrong.  It doesn't seem to matter much at this point anyway.   Obama Inc. (Labor Zionists, former IDF members, etc.) allowed "globalists" to incorporate themselves in health insurance. 

No surprise that another emergent aspect of their oligarchy is not liked by American peasants.  Tell me how any of this is incorrect:
OBAMACARE CREATES IRS CODE 5000A which requires individuals to “maintain minimum essential amounts” of health insurance coverage.

This “individual requirement” is specified in the newly passed Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act/Section 5000A.

Minimum essential coverage includes various government-sponsored programs, eligible employer-sponsored plans, plans in the individual market, grandfathered group health plans and other coverage as recognized by the Secretary of the Treasury, historically occupied by a Goldman Sachs agent by way of the revolving door between Wall Street and the White House.

While that level of coverage and purchasing cost will be defined at a later date by the Treasury Secretary, it will be the responsibility of the IRS to monitor and punish individuals who do not comply.

Under ObamaCare, every individual is required to report to the IRS on their tax returns, whether they have purchased or provided the required level of coverage AND disclose to the IRS which months, if any, in which they failed to do so.

Individuals who fail to maintain minimum essential coverage will be subject to a penalty equal to $750 (up to $2,250 per household) and will be indexed for inflation after 2016. View IRS Enforcement Of Health Care Bill Here, Here & Here.

The “taxman” responsible for establishing enforcement procedures to be used against “offenders” is none other than...  Douglas Shulman, Commissioner of the IRS.  ....

Shulman came to the post from being Vice Chairman of the National Association of Securities Dealers which operates the Nasdaq stock market on Wall Street.

Prior to his stint with NASD, Shulman was employed as a private equity investor at Darby Overseas Investments which specializes in “outsourced” investments in the manufacturing of consumer goods (formerly manufactured in America) made in India and Asia.

Shulman has also served as a board member of the Israel Securities Authority, the government body that oversees and regulates the Israeli capital market.

Through his board membership with the Israel Securities Authority, Shulman is intimately involved with the Bank of Israel Governor, Stanley Fischer, who recently hosted the International Council Of Jewish Bankers and Financiers in their first meeting. Their stated purpose for the meeting was “to combat anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and Holocaust denial by all means available to bankers and financiers.” ....

Certainly, ALL means ARE available to these Jewish bankers and financiers with whom the IRS Commissioner, Douglas Shulman, is a “synagogue buddy.” With Jacob Rothschild and George Soros on the steering committee.... 
By Brother Nathanael Kapner)
  Jewish bankers.  Uh oh.  Time to censor or send in Lois Lerner or the IRS/ADL/SPLC/DHS all at once!  (Last I heard, the FBI broke with the ADL.  So there is that.)

That's what I mean these days.  It's useless to look at reality.  Only a few want to...   Better to say "the Democrats" or "the Republicans"... or "the Right" or "the Left" or "Obama..." when he's not playing golf or reading about what "his administration" did in the papers later...  than to name the names and ask, "Who is doing this?" 

"Who is running these progressively criminal bureaucracies?  Who is at the epicenter of the latest scandal?  Who is selling the hopium to progressives?  Who is selling war to conservatives?"   Etc.



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