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Ramble 11/4

Ironically it was occasionally* directed at perceived members of his own tribe.... but never at the highest levels of the Tribe:
Moses Mordecai Marx Levi (‘Karl Marx’) was a ghostwriter for Rothschild.
    Marxism is the controlled opposition against Capitalism, creating what would become the classical dialectic Capitalism vs. Marxism, that the elites use to get to World Governance through managed conflict.
   Marxism’s main aim is to transfer the Capitalist Monopoly into State hands, claiming this will end Plutocracy, but ‘overlooking’ that the State is and always has been owned by said Plutocracy. In a dialectic both ‘protagonists’ have hidden attributes in common and Capitalism and Marxism are both Godless, Materialist and Monopolies.
   Economically speaking Marx managed to hide that Capitalism is Usury, Banking. He promoted the idea of an amorphous Capitalist class, hiding that Finance (Usury) rules over Commerce, Industry, Land and Labor alike. A small business man obviously has much more in common with the worker than with the banker.
   In the West, implementation of Marxism was simply not an option and their strategists decided to first subvert society, before consolidating everything in a Marxist Global State.
   For this Marxism morphed into Cultural Marxism, spearheaded by the Frankfurter School.
    They started subverting everything: modern ‘art’ for instance, total soulless garbage, a far cry from the wonderful, inspired art of the 1800’s and before. This debases our sense of beauty and diminishes our capacity to differentiate the unbecoming from the elevating.
  Much worse, they invented Feminism...  Real Currencies
To achieve this end, the Founders must be denigrated and cast aside as mere relics of the old Eurocentric hegemonic order...

The cultural and media war being trended into existence among clueless "liberal" trendies that may turn into Senators like Chris Coons later is often more tribal than that.  Essentially many Jews view you as a possible enemy or another Hitler, like everyone being blown up around the world now.  Therefore they need to degrade and defame what they perceive as your culture in order to have power over it.  This is nothing more than what many have said.

...and the US Constitution must be undermined, using the language and philosophy (“there is no truth”) of Marx and Lenin as the vehicle.

You may be missing the tribal nature of their culture war:
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov-Blank✡☭(12 April 1870 – 21 January 1924), better known as Vladimir Lenin, was a communist terrorist of Jewish descent, mass murderer, propagandist and dictator of the RSFSR, as well as from 1922, the first de facto dictator of the Soviet Empire, established after the Jews took control of Russia during the October Revolution. Lenin himself was moved into place by the German Empire. Despite positioning himself as "leader of the proletariat", he lived a parasitic life and was not himself a worker.
    He was the creator of Leninism, an extension of Marxist theory. Lenin set up the Gulag slave system and during his reign, along with co-tribesman Leon Trotsky✡ carried out the murder of some 13 million Russian Christians in the Trotsky—Lenin Holocaust. --Metapedia
  Apparently it's not ethnic hatred or racism if you're a "Communist."   Or it's not ethnic hatred if you're Lois Lerner and others targeting Christian nationalists.


*Examples given:
Sometimes the view of Marx as virulently anti-semitic is based on a particular reading of his two well-known reviewessays, published in 1844 under the general title Die Judenfrage (On the Jewish Question), one of which emphasizes Marx’s prediction that Judaism will disappear (“the Jew will become impossible,” in Marx’s phrase) in a socialist society. But the view of Marx as anti-semitic rests much more frequently on his disparaging comments about Jews as a race and as individuals than on a particular interpretation of the argument of Die Judenfrage. These unflattering remarks appear primarily in the second essay of Die Judenfrage; in Herr Vogt, the manuscript of 1860 still untranslated(into English) with its extraordinarily tasteless attack on Joseph Moses Levy, publisher of the London DailyTelegraph (the length of whose nose provides the focal point for three pages of abuse); in several articleswhich appeared in Die Neue Rheinische Zeitung, the newspaper edited by Marx and Engels in 1848—49; and in their private correspondence. The remarks in their private correspondence, especially Marx’s comments on the character and appearance of Ferdinand Lassalle, are frequently cited in support ofthe thesis that Marx was a self-hating Jew.   Eduard Bernstein edited these remarks out of the original edition of the Marx-Engels correspondence (1913), and for many years the most famous letter was said to be forged. Its inclusion in the official East German edition of the collected works of Marx and Engels effectively ended that debate.
("In the Interests of Civilization": Marxist Views
of Race and Culture in the Nineteenth Century
By Diane Paul
Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 42, No. 1.
(Jan. - Mar., 1981), pp. 115-138)

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