Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Ramble 11/5

So apparently, everyone can get back to business as usual:
Based on the ridiculous, seasonally-adjusted data released day after day by the various US "Departments of Truth", also known as the BLS, the Census, the Dept of Commerce, UMichigan, ADP, the Conference Board and so on, the US economy is so strong and consumer confidence is so resurgent, America is on the verge of a second golden age. Sadly, for Obama, and last night's epic rout for Democrats, it was all a lie - a lie perpetuated by a manipulated S&P500 which now hits daily record highs on unprecedented central bank liquidity injections which have now terminally disconnected the "markets" from the economy, and the welfare of the vast majority of the common "folk" - and said "folk" saw right through it.
Maybe, just maybe, the economy never really strengthened, and it was all even more of the same propaganda that has ordinary Americans finally seeing through the lies. Bloomberg at least admits that much: "Most Americans haven’t shared in the gains. Adjusted for inflation, the July median household income of $54,045 was $2,600 lower than in December 2007.... Voters by 65-31 percent said the country is on the wrong track. That’s 12 points more negative than two years ago and was the second-gloomiest exit-poll reading since 1990, trailing only the 2008 election, the preliminary numbers showed. Half of voters expect life to be worse for the next generation."  Zero Hedge
I voted.  But I understand why people do not at this point, given that the "United States Government" is almost entirely based on lies and deceit.  It's to the point that America's supposed "representatives" don't even know which way is up or what they're voting on.  At a deeper level, they've probably never been told the lies that their institutions are incorporated in.  So they honestly think that it's not a game.  Yet it often is some "damn game" when it comes to the theatrical production of a "fiscal cliff" based on the ponzi of a private banking cartel.  To the extent that they do understand that it is a game, their careerism kicks in so they keep playing along like what they're doing ("Passing a budget." ) is not generally based on a pack of lies and deceit.    Shrug.  It's not always apathy.

And perhaps some low information content people should not have to pay attention to politics and their supposed "representatives" all the time, anymore than they should have to wonder if the is really DOING THEIR JOBS and keeping the food supply safe for the public instead of just preparing for a job as a lobbyist for the corporations that they're supposedly regulating.  There should be some leeway there where people can expect supposed representatives of the public to act with a modicum of duty, honesty and decency.  They shouldn't always have to wonder, "Have they sold out for ponzi?  Are they preparing to?  Are they already a lobbyist for corporations?" or "Who has bought and sold this Congressman and the staff that's writing the bills that he's not reading... and how many times?" 

Perhaps the public shouldn't always have to pay attention or be calling up careerists to prevent premature votes for acts of war against Syria/Iran and/or Russia that may turn into a bit of a conflagration.  They have their own lives to lead and more important things to do.  That's the point of having representatives capable of DOING THEIR JOB of representing the interests of the people* in a principled way based on a modicum of decency and respect.               

*That means AMERICANS of all stripes and not the pro-Likud/Republicans/Wade (ethnic cleansing by hard power) or the Labor Zionists/Markell/Coons/Biden/Obama Inc. (ethnic cleansing by soft power, as Chuck Schumer might put it.) factions. Seriously. Do we have representatives or lobbies in Israel based on American forms of nationalism or even ethnic versions of nationalism?  Apparently we should. 

But since we do not, perhaps people could protest: "No acts of war without representation!"  The "Tea Party" and zealous evangelicals of Zion could draw up the signs...  Ugh.  Pathetic.  And then you wonder why people are apathetic when the choices for their proxy government in the US are Labor Zionism or the Likud.  Consider that they may know in an instinctual way that their interests are not being represented by the "United States Government," its "financial system" and the corporations formed by it.   They don't have to go "crazy" enough to put aside their fantasy football or favorite distractions to research all this stuff and eventually conclude:  "We do not have much representation in our own institutions anyway."  It's becoming more and more obvious to even the most dimwitted or "wedge issued" peasants that they do not have much representation left in their government on anything of significance.  Acts of war?  No vote.   Finance based on usury?  No vote.  Public safety?  Ask the latest regulator turned lobbyist.   Etc. 

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