Wednesday, November 19, 2014

No one wants to look at relatively simple and observable facts... so I don't know why I bother. Ramble 11/19

Our mass-media loves disasters. Make no mistake about it, MSNBC wants a riot, just like the Weather Channel wants a blizzard.

Pretty crazy when you think about it, given that people die from both.

Although in the case of people going tribal, the media can actually cause it or throw gas on the fire. 

No one wants to see the Jewish lens on this... but I'll look into it anyway.  The mainstream media is predominately owned by Jews (!!!!)  and they allow some types of media to be produced on their "mainstream" networks in America while simultaneously squashing stories that harm their own perceived, tribal interests.   The fact that they spike stories about Israeli racism and Zionism (same thing here, to some extent) goes to show that they could spike stories on race in the name of not inciting tribalism if they wanted to.  If they identified with the "white people" that many Jews like to defame and degrade (on their own account), then they probably would shift the lens and biases of the mainstream media.  

But they generally do not stop inciting whites against blacks or blacks against whites and creating more tribalism in the process.  

Murray Rothstein/Sumner Redstone could kick artists off his "mainstream" media networks (MTV, etc.) that incite racial hatred or degrade and defame the goyim, including their own tribe.  Yet he does not, although he or others do react if an artist criticizes his own perceived tribe in any way.  If they so much as said something that might cause Rothstein's own tribe to stub their toe, then they're gone.  They're off the network, if not defamed and degraded themselves by all their former handlers and what Americans perceive as "the media."  

Meanwhile, Wolf "former AIPAC lobbyist" Blitzer over at CNN could report on many instances of "incitement" or black mob violence against those perceived as white in American culture.  It could be Big News on their network.  As big a story as one of the homemade rockets of the Palestinians...   etc.  But he does not make black mob violence into a Big Story in the Situation Room.  Indeed, it's not even a situation worth reporting on.  Why is that?    

His context:
CNN — along with Time and People Magazine — all under the umbrella of Time-Warner—is primarily owned by Israeli multi-millionaire Aviv Nevo [largest Stockholder of Goldman Sachs] who hired a public relations company to shield him from public exposure.
Jews could do more to try to stop racial incitement and people "going tribal" if they wanted to.  They certainly do it for their own perceived, tribal interests.  But they don't do that for "white people" in general.  Just look at the evidence, even the funny man Jon Stewart often seems to be in on the act. 

What if so-called "white people" formed a tribe and declared a divine or historic right to Ferguson and then just started bombing it if there were any riots in white neighborhoods?  What would Jon Stewart, Lee Camp and others joke about then?    

You have to know the lens through which you're seeing the world in order to see distortion in your media or medium.  (Another way around it, multiple sources with their own forms of distortion.  What, do you need an angel to descend to reveal a new angle on your perceptions of reality?  Seriously.) 

Ironically, the very fact that people do not want to look at the lens of their Jewish/mainstream media and the nature of its distortion on "identity politics"/tribalism tends to prove the point that the media is, in fact, distorted.  The owners and producers of your mainstream media and their teleprompter readers will talk about race and ask you to navel gaze all day with nary a care in the world about incitement.  But if you talk about their own perceived tribe and the racism prevalent in it, then you're inciting* racial hatred by talking about it.   

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”  --Voltaire      

*If that's the case, then what are they often doing to the goyim?

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