Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Oops... I always forget how dominated are by their culture. So I start writing, even when it's clearly useless. I have to write for myself to process my thoughts. Sorry about the mess..

The philosophical heart of the left is Karl Marx, who believed that capitalist society would gradually become socialist, with a concomitant growth in the central power...

Uh huh.  How does central banking  fit into that and what did Marx say about central banking and members of his international tribe like the Rothschilds?  Why were the "Communists" financed by people living in NYC?  Why are you still thinking in terms of Right vs. Left, East vs. West?

As for Marx, it's pretty easy to predict that the poor goyim are going to become poorer based on an international banking system based on usury and international tribalism.  Just saying.  It seems like Marx tried to pass off the impact of the Money Power onto "capitalism."  But monopolizing the power of money is not really capitalism anymore than the tribalism of Jewish Bolsheviks was an authentic form of internationalism and universalism.    

Duh.  Do the math.  A small fraction of the population...  yet often near 100% of the representatives of the "revolution" that begins to look suspiciously like the rule is, kill all the goyim.

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