Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ramble 11/25

Try some of the stuff that goes on in America among the dumb goyim/tribes over in Israel and you'd probably have your cities leveled in acts of tribal vengeance.

Or you'd have some brain dead Empire deceived into coming in and leveling your cities based on a false flag and bungled WMD/anthrax attacks.  

Apparently it's easy to manage the Arabs based on tribalism too.  Easy to manage blacks with the NAACP and false idols like the womanizing, plagiarizing MLK (Wouldn't be as easy if they idolized Booker T. Washington and built up their own civilization without "help" from Jews and the idols held up in the Jewish media.)  Easy to get a huge Holocaust Memorial built, with nary a word about a Slave Memorial that would actually make sense for Americans....  or the Fed paying reparations by issuig zero percent loans instead of trickling out EBT cards through JP Morgan's food stamp business.  Etc.
Apparently it's also easy to manage whites that fancy themselves as more intelligent when they're really just full of freedumb, as 911 shows.  I guess they're an inferior race relative to the chosen master race of God too, huh?  Shrug.  Of course multiculturalism works everywhere but the Jewish State.  "Throw the wretched refuse over there, on those goyim.  But give me my own, clean, racially pure state."  summarizing Emma Lazarus.

Are they not correct?  Are not all the goyim that fucking stupid, that they'll celebrate being called wretched refuse (poetically) while sacrificing their mealy mouthed talk about "equality and justice for all" to help chosen racists of God build an ethnic state for themselves?  Common law?  Natural Law?  American traditions?  Don't they allow the racial supremacists of Chabad to light a huge Menorah, the nationalist symbol of the Mossad, on the White House lawn.. while it's controversial if someone so much as picks up a cross out of the rubble of 911? 

It's all been turned into freedumb.  And ironically, Jewish supremacists and their shabat goyim golem generally don't even realize that they're being hypocritical with their claims about "equality." 

It's cultural.  It's tribal.  And Ferguson is now at the low end of the body politic...    

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