Friday, December 21, 2012

There's no place like home.

So here we are on December 21 and we have no plan to deal with the financial condition of the country. The Democrats are perfectly happy that no one has to work because those people will re-elect them. Then the people that do work should hand out money to everyone else because my money should now be everyone’s money and everyone needs to share in the sandbox and Karl Marx has left the London library and is now residing in Washington D.C. The fall back position of the Democrats is that if this is not enough money then the Fed can print zillions of pieces of paper saying, “In God We Trust” which may be the only thing to trust in because no one will trust the little pieces of paper after some time. One day someone will wake up and announce that these green bills are not money and that they are just paper and the Munchkins will say, “Oh My God” and head down the yellow brick road to find the Wizard and he will be on my boat in the Bahamas and the Wicked Witch of the West will hand out the bad news. All quite simple....  (The Party's Just Beginning)
We have a ways to go on the path that we are on yet, I suspect.  But yes, sadly it is looking like the hopium that people have been on may begin wearing out in our lifespans and so they may have to put on their silver slippers to travel the yellow brick road after the storms blow their houses away.  Well, at least until they realize that there is no place like home or loving each other and being home with family in the end.

Gold is just another technique so mind the golden rule... (Although as far as techniques go it is better than paper ponzi because it has a link to physical reality that green financial wizards and workers of magical illusions can't distort and corrupt as much.  But we're beyond even the gold standard, at this point... and even if people tried to walk the yellow brick road to find their way back to reality and home again it would probably be full of branching paths with tungsten mixed in.)

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