Friday, December 21, 2012

Interesting narrative based on the evidence...

It clearly says "end the life of Adam". I know this because my headset by default is crazy loud and when I turn up the volume to full that "whisper" is basically a scream and it is very clear what he says.

Which brings up A LOT of questions about the official story (which already stinks about as bad as it gets)... remember everybody at first (including police) though the suspect was his brother Ryan due to the ID on the body being the only way at the time to identify the body (as the school altercation story involving Adam was retracted as it never happened... nobody at the school knew who Adam was).

I personally feel the man on the police scanner that says "Standby units in front of the school, we're conducting an interior search at this time. End the life of Adam." is the guy they found at the back of the school (in the woods, wearing camo pants and a black jacket which was detained by police as described by on scene witnesses) who's job I feel it was to keep the 2 "operatives" inside (which were both on duty police) up to date about the "other" police presence on scene in real-time... how many and where (keep in mind early responders were lacking at first... the majority of police didn't arrive for ~15 more minutes, at this point they only had a small number of police inside the school and another small group covering the front entrance). Godlikeproductions
 Or maybe once you're aware how trendy lemmings are being killed by super dooper secret societies and so on, you see it even when it's not there?  It does make sense though, that they would need to say that on the radio.

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