Friday, December 28, 2012

All you need is abject stupidity?

Our investigation into Jones past showed him to be a trained CIA asset with direct ties to the Mossad. He served in Germany for years as an organizer for the CIA under the highly secret “Gladio” program until expelled by the German government. You can be a CIA agent, even a terrorist bomber but in Germany, if you buy a mail order PhD, it is a crime. “Dr.” Terry Jones would have been better off had he called himself “Agent” Terry Jones.
Veterans Today
The NYT/CIA's main stream production values are slipping...  liberal lemmings should demand better theatrics and better entertainment.  Ironically, they're probably actually more gullible and subject to manipulation than "the base" internationally.

Jones moved to Germany in 1981 and established a religious cult in Cologne. Thus, his ties while there were with Israeli intelligence and the P2 Masonic lodge, better known as “Operation Gladio,” the group responsible for the murder of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro and terror bombings that went on into the 90s.  .....  Jones is a spy, CIA trained, run by rogue handlers, and heavily promoted by Mossad elements throughout the Middle East and able to garner national news attention in the US when anyone else of his minor following and total lack of credibility would be ignored.

Instead, his every obscene move, his every blasphemy, from his tiny and forgotten church, reaches, not just the front page of every paper but is announced and spread throughout the Islamic world by the hundreds of Israeli agents that infiltrate every Mosque.
Conspiracy theory? Research it all for yourself. Maybe sometimes when people look like they're caricatures of people, it's because they are. (But other times, people are just dumb...)

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