Friday, July 26, 2013

Stories about a Jewish peasant and his co-conspirators contrasted with stories about the illuminati.

There was this one Jewish peasant that a lot of other peasants told stories about one time that reversed the patterns and languages typical to the priests of knowledge of this world, though. Wound up getting himself killed by the ruling class of His day, so there is that. But he actually did that on purpose according to what other peasants said he said... or thought that he said due to what someone else said and so forth. 

They even said that he could manipulate the weather without using thousands of rockets to produce "magic-like weather modification" and so forth.  Instead, it was said:  "And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?"  (Mark 4:41)  Seems simpler.  There again, from the elite perspective in the city (where the "illuminated" bankers and members of Zionist political cults, secret societies and so forth often live) the people that wrote that were probably just some peasants creating a religion for other peasants.  But even from that perspective, seems like a certain group of relatively poor peasants and so forth must have all done a good job of "conspiring" to create a religion while invoking the same ancient symbolism of those that consider themselves illuminated and so forth.  Talk about a conspiracy.

After all, even from the elite/illuminated perspective the religion that some Jewish peasants must have conspired to create (with a lot of help from a former member of the political cult of Zionism) has been shaking the walls of the city and lessening the illusions and the bread and circuses typical to those who own the city ever since.  In any event, the builders of Babel that have a vision of a global city these days will probably get to more effective forms of weather modification eventually.  That's the plan, not surprisingly.  Although it seems that the Syria/Iran situation that they've been creating could blow up in their faces tomorrow... and then weather modification within the context of a global empire might be the least of their concerns.

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