Thursday, July 25, 2013

Metabunk 7/25

I'm not sure what stupid, lazy and trendy journalists within the corporate media expect those that they perceive as "white" to do. If they are or can be perceived as "white" then they have to let those perceived as "black" beat them to death or knock their eye out in a "knockout game" and so forth?

Once more people figure out how to put the internet on their TV and so forth the corporate media will probably have less viewers than cat videos on Youtube anyway, so the opinions of trendy journalists will be irrelevant. 

And we may even be able to begin putting the abject stupidity and herd mentality of most corporate journalists behind us and focus on the investigative journalists already beginning to create a new paradigm of real investigative journalism on the internet while reporting on significant events in the world.  Right now many on the internet are still reacting to the corporate media and stories created by the stupid and trendy journalists that tend to work in it but the technological trend is against the corporate media.  I guess older people still watch the corporate media just like they stuck with broadcast over cable news for a while... so there may be some interplay on manufactured stories like this for a while.

These things take time, yet information is flowing around the corporate media and it's also moving pretty quickly these days too.

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