Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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By 1980 the predictions about ice ages had ceased...


Stop. If there actually had been an Ice Age by 1995 then it would have been perfectly predictable, in retrospect... and those articles would be cited with approval, no doubt.

Anyway, maybe people are basically just destroying their environment at the serf or peasant level. Seems unlikely unless you're one of the ones cutting down a rain forest, though. I think it's more likely that we'll see ships burning a lot of oil and possibly wars creating "climate change" for the sake of the petrodollar and the ruling class before we see climate crises or natural catastrophes due to American serfs driving the wrong cars and so forth. (Or serfs failing to engage in relatively useless rituals given to them by the ruling class and so forth. More rain dances! Or people could have Al Gore ride around the country like a corpulent Bishop to sell them indulgences for their crimes against Mother Nature. There again, he sold his network to oil producing nations... might show which way the trends are going?)

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So what is it that you want done in your campaign to save the earth or save civilization this time? After all, if it involves putting central bankers in jail and focusing on local forms of independence and sustainability (natural gas?) then I might support it even if you haven't necessarily made the case for people (let alone the serfs) being totally responsible for "climate change."


Scientists also used to think the world was flat.
No they didn't. Enough said.

It looks like your target for a "shared sacrifice" that actually isn't shared is basically American serfs and what remains of their wealth then. I could be wrong. Other scenarios. You could try to shut down the military industrial complex or do an environmental impact study on the wars being created by oligarchs. (After all... what's the military that's protecting the oil trade routes and so forth running on, ponies pooping rainbows of solar powered sunshine?) You could promote natural gas cars, given that we can see the Bakken fields from space now due to the fact that natural gas is dirt cheap. You could advocate that they bring the troops home to build natural gas distribution centers and perhaps win the hearts and minds of Americans by building schools, roads and bridges too.

In any event, what "legislation that will reduce carbon emissions" do you have in mind? The clean air act was fine but you're talking about a global problem now, unlike acid rain and so forth.

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