Thursday, July 18, 2013

Abortion and PETA

...the horrifying ultrasound law in Wisconsin (a woman seeking an abortion for ANY reason has to submit to an ultrasound where the technician shows you the fetus' hands, eyes, feet etc.

As long as the boy/man that's the father has to be there too, why shouldn't people have to look at those they're sacrificing in order to profit for themselves? I guess a law favored by PETA in which everyone has to look at the animals that they've been incorporated into killing would be horrifying too. But at some point, people lose their grasp of reality and engage in the wanton destruction of life if they never have to see or look at what they're doing.

....and the new laws in ND, prove that the GOP is, in fact, waging a very aggressive WAR ON WOMEN.

No more than PETA would be waging a war on people by trying to have them look at what they're actually doing.

It's important to remember that no one is really trying to wage a war against other people just for the hell of it. Whatever they're doing, from their perspective it's usually justified and righteous and so forth. Do politicians use wedge issues and wage war just for the hell and power of it? Sometimes. But that's not the case with the true believers that are out to save the babies or the animals. Don't hate them all or become narrow minded to the point of being incapable of seeing things from their perspective, they're usually compassionate men and women and not just a bunch of people waging "war" for their causes for the hell of it and so forth. (Some may do that... but most don't.)

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