Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Saving a few rambles... for today.

  1. Those states who still believe in the American ideal, in American traditions, those states who reject the Socialist, welfare-state agenda need to secede from the union. Period.

        That’s not happening until the “too big to fail” Empire that’s been built on the petrodollar or cheap gas and cheap credit crumbles even more than it already has since 2008. There’s also the whole aspect of race and the “divide and conquer” tactics of the ruling class that keep peasants as serfs and slaves. In order to secede, you would have to create your own union. But most tribes of serfs and slaves are usually content with their slavery. There are now more black men in Corrections Corporation of America creating goods for the military industrial complex and multinational corporations than there ever were on the plantations, as I recall. “I could have freed many more if they had realized that they were slaves.” –Harriet Tubman

       They’re a voting bloc for Democrats, i.e. moral degenerates like Biden that profit from the “New World Order” as opposed to the “law of the jungle.” Many peasants and slaves began working on a Masonic plantation and they seem to be content with that. So it would seem that any union that you created would therefore be racist. Not that it matters if the Golden Dawn is any measure. When things get bad enough, people form tribes and begin to have a tribal mentality and so forth. Hard to imagine, given that “whites” have refused to have or form a tribal identity for a while now: White Girl Bleed a Lot

       Seems unlikely that would last if people didn’t believe that they’re wealthy enough to afford it, though. Anyway, at least there’s enough cheap gas and cheap credit to keep things going for a few more years even if there are “sacrifice zones” emerging around the edges already. “Sustainability” as the liberals like to say… and all that. Who knows, maybe we’ve even been better off with a private banking cartel creating money out of nothing and lending it to the public at interest… given that they’re at least tangentially interested in wealth creation.* There again, people like Corzine are partnered with moral/intellectual degenerates like Biden in a public/private partnership to screw over the public/serfs. We can debate the system but there is no system that can check and balance abject corruption, degeneracy, illiteracy and so forth.
    *Here’s an idea, dig a big hole and then put some paper ponzi at the bottom of it. Form a public/private partnership with Corrections Corporation of America to have people dig it up and hire other people to guard them. And there you go, you’re a job creator.
  2. Still waiting on a decentralized natural gas distribution system in Delaware that we could use for natural gas cars when the Syria/Iran situation blows up even more than it already has, etc. No one is paying attention, I guess.

       You could have it set up so that people could pay for it with BitCoins. Well, provided that the DHS and Zionist dual citizens hadn’t arrested everyone involved in decentralizing currency as terrists for undermining American “interests” in the MidEast… I’d imagine. Is that really in our interests? I guess if you’re a dual citizen, then it is in “our” interests to police everything there and so forth.
       Wars in the MidEast weren't all totally about the petrodollar, Iraq wasn’t. That’s why: “The 2003 invasion of Iraq, led by U.S. army General Tommy Franks, began under the codename ‘Operation Iraqi Liberation’…” I.e. OIL, yet the work of “neocons” wasn’t all that it appeared to be to gullible Leftists. Think about it this way, if they went to war and were willing to go to war based on false intelligence and lies then why not just plant some WMDs or more false intelligence to find there? It wasn’t in Israel’s interests to find anthrax there, although it was found in the mail in America after 911 and after the yellow cake plan didn’t work out and so forth. It wasn’t in Israel’s interests for someone to change the operation name from “OIL” either. What a Psyop that would be for ignorant and stupid Americans, huh? Although I guess they did get around to changing it to “Operation Iraqi Freedom” eventually… or ORF.
    In any event, the supposedly “Leftist” anti-war movement never really followed up on 911 truth, the anthrax and so forth… did they?

       I guess the interplay between the petrodollar financing the military industrial complex and Zionism (Or dual citizens seeking to use the Empire for their own special interests based on a special relationship, etc.) and all the rest of it doesn’t really matter. It would seem that people are only interested in things when it feels like their own lifestyle has to change in a rather “significant” way. So that’s why Delawareans are tried to incorporate themselves into building $100,000 “green” cars that only Justin Bieber can buy that are actually extraordinarily wasteful in terms of energy instead of building cars and a “sustainable” infrastructure for themselves.
    Plus, in the background… the ships that ship the oil are creating more pollution than all the cars that Delawareans are driving. You could all be driving hummers and SUVs and you still wouldn’t be able to keep up with the environmental impact of the ships that are shipping the oil in for them. Check the physics. Check the math. Oh well. Everyone is more interested in entertainment than reality, at least so long as they can afford to be.

       And if they do become interested in reality, then they’re anti-Semites and so forth. Because if you were to live at a local level in a way that could be sustained for yourself then the American Empire wouldn’t need to police the world (Polluting it with DU and so forth in the process.) and dual citizens would have to fight their half of their own battles to protect their half or their own interests instead of trying to get the Empire to go to war for them.  The idea that Israel has to fight its own wars? Anti-Semitic. The idea of decentralization and local unions or states instead of The Union? Racist. The idea of decentralizing the currency? Terrist.

      It seems that there are insurmountable barriers to decentralization and breaking up a multinational Empire Inc. or checking and balancing it in a controlled way, all the way around.
    So it looks like Americans are going to have to wait until things get even worse and less “sustainable” than they’ve been lately, then… meander toward something similar to the Golden Dawn once their food stamps or petrodollars lose their purchasing power. Hard to see how this won’t happen like it did in 2008 sometime within our lifespans, as the “too big to fail” system is still just as centralized/fragile and more and more ships are already on their way toward Syria and so forth.

       And if not that, then the elite could always try to manufacture a war with NK again. Time for a dropping a nuke “drill,” etc.? No, nothing? Because sometimes it almost seems like our oligarchs need a war to keep their warfare/welfare state/plantation going but that no one wants to fight. Not even a madman wants to take the bait and instigate something, even if our oligarchs and generals act/”drill” like they’re about to attack? Wouldn’t that be ironic. Don’t the madmen and terrists of the world know that Krugman (nobel prize) has said that another Nobel winner needs to create a war to stimulate “our” economy? (Or is that the economy of the oligarchs and their economists… and “our” economy and lives would actually be just fine and more sustainable if we went to war against them instead of letting them send us or our families to war? Stimulating, indeed.)
    Last week it was revealed that 54 oil tankers are anchored off the coast of Britain, refusing to unload their fuel until prices have risen.
    But that is not the only scandal in the shipping world. Today award-winning science writer Fred Pearce – environmental consultant to New Scientist and author of Confessions Of An Eco Sinner – reveals that the super-ships that keep the West in everything from Christmas gifts to computers pump out killer chemicals linked to thousands of deaths….
    How 16 ships create as much pollution as all the cars in the world
  3. We the Multi-National Corporations of the World, in Order to form a more perfect business practices by eliminating people’s living wages, insuring domestic profitability, enriching ourselves off the money thrown at our common defense,and eliminating all employee’s rights, to secure the Blessings of our richly deserved liberty only to ourselves and our Progeny, do hereby ordain and establish that the Constitution no longer applies to citizens of the United States of America, but is henceforth only applicable to those with sufficient cash to buy a Congressperson.

      Given that I seem to agree with you on everything overall, why is it that we so often disagree?

    Anyway… I wouldn’t blame all corporations, one might as well blame the idea of having a local municipal corporation or “commonwealth” itself. Look at it this way, if the minimum wage was attached to the amount of paper ponzi being created by bankers out of nothing these days then it would be something like $100/hour. Supposedly conservatives have a problem with a “minimum” wage.. but they don’t seem to have a problem with bankers failing to abide by any “maximum” amount of money creation. True, poor people can’t manage their money and so forth once the aristocratic class is through giving them more and more “public education” out of the goodness of their philanthropic little hearts. So might as well just take it all from them or “manage” it for them to make them work as serfs, as usual?

    Why is it that people in the “public education system” don’t seem to be taught about economics and their banking system over and over again from day one no matter how much is spent on it? Is that not more relevant to their lives and so forth than transgenderism or whatever else they’re wasting the time of students on these days? I can imagine the reaction of some students: “You mean… money is being created… out of nothing? Huh. I wish I could do that!”

    Ever notice how sex education is included and the elite once included an education in eugenics too and so forth (see Scopes, Sanger, Planned Parenthood, etc.)… yet gun safety or “gun education” never seems to be included? And it isn’t framed by the philanthropists as something good out of the goodness of their good little hearts? Imagine that.
    Safety first!

    That would be an interesting juxtaposition to bring up with people taught to advocate only sex ed. That’s all well and good but I’d advocate gun ed. too… with finance ed. a close second. Might as well have young people learn something useful in life… unless you actually want more people to have a mentality that will allow them to be controlled like a serf.* I.e. the direction that seems to be where many Americans are headed.
    *The same systems always seem to unfold if enough people evolve a peasant mentality:

    The Sword Regulations of Feudal Japan.
    Feudal Japanese government issued several orders to regulate the types of swords that are allowed to be carried by different classes of people. One thing consistent among all these orders was the fact that chonin (i.e., commoners) were prohibited from wearing long swords (i.e., katana) unless specifically given permission to do so by the government, while there was no regulation prohibiting the commoners from carrying short swords such as tanto.
    It’s not that no one had “assault swords” just as Americans won’t really ban “assault weapons,” some classes will still have them and they’re just as likely to go crazy and kill people with them as anyone else is. It’s just a final emblem of the centralization of power and wealth rooted in the mentality of the ruling class. It’s the mentality that’s more important than the sword or ownership of “assault weapons.” They’re just emblematic of it.

    So… bring on the SWAT Teams to represent the mentality of most Americans now, huh?  Boston Strong.. etc.

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