Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Note on the Destroyer and the Creator

Whatever happened it would be ironic if you're correct and a mass movement within the bowels of the body politic reached critical mass anyway.  All based on mental illusions ("It looked like it fell at free fall.  It really did.") that really were just some weird combination of happenstance, coincidence and incompetence.  Not to mention the symbolism of destroying the Right/masculine and the Left/feminine pillars  of the base in politics and then destroying the pillar of Solomon/wisdom and caring between them too.  More happenstance arising from a void looked down on by the light bearing statue of Liberty/Apollo... or pareidolia, I'd imagine

 What does order out of chaos and happenstance mean, again?  Because sometimes it looks like the idea that destruction is creation and the equivalent of a destroyer, a creator. 

Anyway... how could you recognize a conspiracy, if nothing is a conspiracy and everything comes about based on happenstance?

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