Friday, July 19, 2013

Adam Kokesh

Facebook comment on his idea of dismantling the federal government:  Patrick Henry, a prominent anti federalist, predicted a federal govt as powerful as this one would become tyrannical when bad people were elected, and he was right, it has, spectacularly.

Think about this:

- Every war after the war of 1812 was a manufactured war, provoked by a few powerful globalist war mongers who installed their shill politicians in the US Govt. The US military has killed millions of foreigners in these unnecessary wars, and hundreds of thousands of Americans died needlessly. Without a federal govt, none of that would of happened.

- The US Govt has maliciously interfered in the internal affairs of middle eastern countries since WW2. They built 100s of military bases all over the middle east (imagine 100s of arab military bases all over the US), and supported Arab dictators who in return agreed to maintain the US's petrodollar hegemony. The result is stagnation for middle eastern people and seething hate for the US. Do you blame them?

- The US Govt created the Federal Reserve that is responsible for the largest transfer of wealth in history to a corrupt banking cartel and few corrupt crony capitalists. No sign that the govt intends to stop this corruption, so we have to do it for them by ending the federal govt. Ending the FedRes wont work, they will just create it again in a heartbeat.

- Over the years, the US Govt has burdened businesses with draconian regulations forcing the manufacturing sector to move overseas) and replaced it with a gargantuan financial sector that grew from a $40 billion industry, pre Fed, to a $5T dollar industry today. You cant have a viable economy based solely on moving money around.

- The US Govt is responsible for incarcerating millions of US citizens for victimless crimes (drugs) solely to please Big Pharma and Big Beer, who consider cheap drugs their enemy.

The list goes on and on. The US Govt has become a monster and it must be slain. I support its peaceful dismemberment.  --Michael P. Shipley

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