Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Another day, another well informed comment on the internet... but only on the internet, usuallly.

More information is necessary to properly assess the phenomenon in Germany, Steve. Germans did not merely react to the "terrible economic situation in the 1930s" --
a. The 'terrible economic situation in the 1930s was the direct result of a Jewish organized and imposed boycott of German goods that was intended to economically destroy Germany. It is eerily reminiscent of the sanctions imposed on Iran today. Sam Untermyer was one of the sparkplugs of the boycott "Hitler's bitterest foe": Samuel Untermyer and the boycott of Nazi Germany, 1933-1938 *.: An article from: American Jewish History. Germans starved to death as a result of that boycott.
b. German Jews were at the vanguard of Weimar Germany. Under Weimar, moral norms that conservative Germans were accustomed to were seriously eroded. (see Weimar Germany: Promise and Tragedy In addition to the economic hardship imposed by Versailles reparations (in part negotiated by Felix Warburg -- see The First Holocaust: Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War I, Second Edition and Jews and the German State: The Political History of a Minority, 1848-1933 the Weimar economy suffered hyperinflation -- again, leading to starvation death of many.
c. These two bouts of starvation and economic destabilization suffered by German citizens followed immediately on the starvation death of 800,000 German civilians as a result of the illegal blockade of foodstuffs imposed by Great Britain in WWI that R H S Stolfi, a professor at the US Naval Postgraduate school, wrote about in Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny .
Think about that: 800,000 innocent German civilians deliberately starved to death. Shades of 500,000 Iraqis starved to death, in the process of softening up that nation for its total destruction, and precursor to the hoped-for starvation of Iranian people to soften up THAT nation for its destruction.
This time, the world is watching carefully and taking notes.
It would give more credibility to your argument if all the facts were presented, Steve; the Jewish Boycott begun in 1933 was announced with banner headlines in major newspapers and boosted with parades in New York City and rallies at Madison Square Garden. The anger that German people expressed toward Jews had very real causes, it was not the result of some mysterious mystical and mythical "Goldhagen thesis." Link

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