Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Meh... 10/1

....the Zionists and oligarchs (usually the same thing) that own the corporate media tend to view you as a possible Tea Party/Christian nationalist threat.  And they still own and shape most of the corporate media even if its influence is waning. 

It is kind of ironic that your marketing demographic would still be viewed as a possible threat given all the wars that you've been willing to fight in the special interests Zionists and oligarchs, going all the way back to WWI. 

Not sure what more they expect of their patriotic peasants, true believers and assorted "right wing" dupes ready to go to war at the drop of a hat and so forth. 

Anyway, those of us that have no use for yet more wars have already begun forming our own networks and gumming up the works in general.  Sure, we're only delaying the bombing and wars for now.  But at least that's something.  It's more than clueless Democrats and Republicans are usually doing. 

On a side note, there's a problem with any right wing "strategery" of going into mainstream networks owned by Zionists/oligarchs and shaped by their special interests in War Inc. to supposedly "take it back."  But if that is your mentality then you should probably begin with Fox News Inc.  Because it's been allowed to emerge to be your supposedly patriotic market, which means that it's generally approved as kosher by the tribe no matter how much other members of the tribe make fun of it on different networks.  How into Zionism do you have to be in order to be allowed a smidgeon of patriotism of your own in the corporate media?  Apparently, very. 

Just remember that you can't get too patriotic or tribal with respect to your own nation and national interests no matter the marketing in any of the corporate/mainstream networks that are allowed to form.   Same thing with your religion, you have to keep it separate but you can support wars against an "Islamic State" in the interests of a specifically Jewish State where it is rather thoroughly mixed in if you want to.  And it would seem that is what most of you have decided to do or stand back and allow by ignoring reality.  

You have an outlet for all of your nationalism in Faux News, provided it's directed against Islamic peasants or assassinating sixteen year old Muslim kids and so on.  You can destroy Arab nations like Iraq in the name of nation building while simultaneously funding and arming ISIS in Syria (Or whatever the latest group is, personally I miss Al Qaeda/The Toilet.) and then wonder why it seems like you're being directed like some sort of a stupid and ignorant goyim golem to create a war with Muslims in general.  (Provided that they haven't already killed each other based on their religion of war or tribal versions of it.)

It's against your interests as peasants to support more wars. 

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