Thursday, October 02, 2014

Wrote this as a comment but might as well just put it here.

On the use of sectarian violence for empire building:  Professor Zunes on Fostered Sectarian violence: Iraq, Syria

Another example might be Indians scalping and terrorizing colonists as the French and English empires struggled in the background, mainly because they were scalped too.  

I don't agree with everything they say but at least it's several layers above both of the Right vs. Left local blogs as far as information content and what's actually going on. 

Again, the WBC or Tea Party militias could begin to be armed by foreign governments in some highly improbable scenarios (of the Alex Jonestown variety) because once a state begins to fracture, empires outside of it begin to jockey for position within it and so on. 

Not sure what any foreign interests would do with Occupy types though.  Give them some crayons and a drum so that they could wander around and occupy space, I guess.  A witty sign, that will show your oligarchs.  Take that!  Etc.  Sometimes power is so soft, that it's useless.  Were they not useless? Show me the money.  But when the first run at scenarios to get the war going with Syria/Iran were in play and the population began to rebel, including the soldiers, that seemed different.  (Show them a few beheadings and it's fine now, though.  Apparently.)             

That's one thing I disagree with them about... culture, "cult"ure and religion matter even if it's also not as simple as "They hate us for our freedumb." type stuff.  The base of their culture or the idiotic young men joining Islamic militias do hate you and us.  But that doesn't mean that they're all equally stupid or all authentic members of The Toilet that supposedly wants to kill you, just like you want to kill the "sons of camels" on cue whenever your media is cultivated. 

Cultivated by a private corporation releasing videos from The Toilet to the corporate media, no less...  their excuse for having them before they hit the net?  They intercepted them before The Toilet was flushed.  Cough.  Apparently they need another Adam Ghadan.  Meh.  Not sure why I keep writing.  Makes me feel like I did something about things even when I didn't, I guess. 

More entertainment.   

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