Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Tangents 10/8

I wonder if feminists have an opinion on the Russian army (another revolution led by Jews, great) raping German women after Talmudists were done with helping to incite a race war there?  (While signing off on the Transfer Agreement with other racists in the background...)  

 Americans were slightly better:
According to the International News Service in London, January 31, 1946, when American soldier's wives were brought to Germany, they were given special authorization to wear military uniforms because "the GIs did not want their wives mistaken for Fraeuleins by other occupation troops." A writer for the New York World Telegram January 21, 1945 stated "Americans look on the German women as loot, just like cameras and Lugers." Dr. G. Stewart, in a health statement submitted to General Eisenhower, reported that in the first six months of American occupation, venereal disease jumped to twenty times its former level in Germany.
   I want you imagine an orgy of rape like this happening in your country, in your neighborhood, to your family, to your wife, your sister, your daughter. I want you to imagine what it would feel like to be totally powerless to stop it from happening, completely unable to bring the criminals to justice. And I want to ask you, were there ever any "war crimes" or "hate crimes" trials of these butchers and rapists and inciters to butchery and rape?
    Few today remember that in the 1940s, the Allies, who even then were calling their world-government-in-the-making the "United Nations," were pursuing a policy of unconditional surrender, which meant that the Germans would be obligated to accept an occupation government whose announced intentions, the infamous and genocidal Morgenthau Plan, would have reduced Germany to medieval conditions and cut her population by enforced starvation. Go to a large library and check out Secretary Morgenthau's book, Germany Is Our Problem, Harper and Brothers, 1945. You will note the use of the term "United Nations" on the front flyleaf and in the foreword by Franklin D. Roosevelt. A prominent Jewish writer in America, Theodore Kaufman, had in 1941 written a book entitled Germany Must Perish, which advocated the extermination of all Germans by sterilization. Kaufman's book received favorable reviews in major American magazines and newspapers. Other books, such as Louis Nizer's What To Do With Germany, also contributed to this atmosphere of strident anti-German hatred. War propaganda and official policy combined to create an image of the German as sub-human and deserving of almost infinite punishment if not annihilation.
("Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe" by
Kevin Alfred Strom)
  But what are brain dead goyim trendies in a  movement of "women's rights" created by Jews and formed around abortion by Steinen/Goldstein/Friedman/Guttmacher and the like concerned with?  

Arguing that a kiss is rape, apparently? 

These aren't serious minded people.  There again,  most people here probably are not either...   

For instance, it's likely that most here have to believe that WWII was the "good war" (Thus every war or kinetic action is about "another Hitler"...) and that all the Allies were probably Captain America or Superman, etc.  So I should have only mentioned the absolutely abysmal track record of the Russians stirred to "revolution" by Jewish leaders and thereby let your cultural conceits with respect to what actually happens in wars remain undisturbed. 

I guess I'm pretending that you're all grown ups more interested in reality and lines of historical evidence than in nationalism, tribalism, Zionism and comic books.

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