Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Interesting article/perspective... going to finish reading it later.

Another reason few regard Clinton as a major turning point is because most people understandably cannot not imagine what was going on behind closed doors. The only reason he made it to the White House was because he never had to worry about campaign funds & most importantly he knew the Zionist controlled media WAS ON HIS SIDE! Any opponent who was doing well was tripped up. When one front-runner replaced another, they were tripped up. This went on & on. In the meantime smiling Bill, a draft-dodging, drug-running, fraudster, murderer of kids, was always made to look good; never asked one awkward question. When it came to the run-off with Bush senior, once again, Bush was made to look decidedly un-presidential while Clinton was portrayed as Mr. Cool. Lo & behold, Clinton, out of nowhere, became the President of the USA.

Clinton Was The First Zionist President  

If he's right, it's not as if the others were a collection of saints anyway.  If he was a "Zionist" then why did they need to use Monica Lewinsky against him... as Jews celebrated her as their Esther in the background?  Ironically, many Zionists in Israel hate Obama too... and mix in their racism with that.  That's something that Americans are not allowed to see. 

But anyway, I'll finish reading it later.   

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