Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ramble 9/30

Challenge Zionism and see what happens to the wedge or "culture war" type issues like abortion and gay rights being marketed to values voters while War Inc. churns on in the background. 

What really comes first, the wedge issues used by Rove or the oligarchic power structures that have grown up around Zionism?  Would Joel Rosenberg give up on the religious tribalism and forms of racial supremacy used to justify Zionism in order to support the "culture war" of conservative Christians if he had to choose between actually winning it while doing away with Christian Zionism?  I doubt it. 

Not that Christians are making him choose between "standing with" them and their family values.  They're expected to "stand with Israel" (no matter what), it's never the other way around.  Ironically, many Christians seem fine with being expected to stand with Israel and basically sacrifice their national credit/credibility for the sake of Zionism.   Shrug.

 I'm just saying, in theory if Fay and Rosenberg could be "wedged" apart to the same extent that Americans have been in general (calling each other terrists, etc.)... then which side would Rosenberg choose?  Or if Fay had to give up on her stance on abortion, given that it's being provided for free in Israel* and so on (as seems to be consistent with rabbinic teachings)... then would she and Wade still "stand with Israel" despite their values? 

It seems like they would all give up their supposedly cherished values in order to "stand with Israel" above all.  So what is all this talk about "values voters" and what they can supposedly be expected to support and vote for, really?  What all sides really seem to "value" is winning elections that are pretty much transparently useless at this point, thanks partly to the most transparent administration ever.       

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