Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Comment from a dead thread among the goldbugs....

Golden Calf, Bull Market, Gold BULLion.

"The bigger the bull, the bigger the market for bull grows."  --Karl Kraus

Peter Schiff is another one of their gatekeepers. Just look at this video:

Does this remind you of anything? For instance how the MSM handle opposition? What has this got to do with dialogue and a fair exchange of ideas aimed at mutual growth?
This is just a hitpiece, trying to murder Brown by not letting her talk. Evading the issues, impolitely interrupting, scoring points instead of trying to understand what she’s actually saying.
Intellectual dishonesty is one of the hallmarks of the leaders of Libertarianism. How can it be otherwise? They have to claim Bankers hate Gold, otherwise nobody would buy their specie. They have to downplay the importance of interest on the money supply, otherwise nobody would be listening to them. They have to circumvent the deflation issue, because it makes them look so bad in the eyes of everybody who knows what they’re talking about. They have to blame the State and ignore the Money Power, otherwise they lose their sponsors.  Real Currencies
Depends on what you want in life, I guess... but don't pretend to be rebels against the Wizard of Oz while travelling the yellow brick road that he owns a monopoly on.

If you want to make some false profits, then invest in the bull market and the market for bull.  Shrug.  What I find interesting is that so many true believers and zealots can be conned by Talmudists and occultists.  Not that they view themselves that way, know what they do or sit around marvelling at their place in some sort of nefarious and hidden/occulted conspiracy to rule the world.

After all, the best liars do not know that they're lying.  You can invest in gold but do not play pretend that there's some sort of integrity in that.  It's still just an economic language.  And you're still refusing "the no place like home" solution of focusing on the priceless things in life and establishing communities that can form governments with integrity that could issue their own currencies.

 Something like, "We the peasants..."  Etc.  Gold could be incorporated as a physical limitation on freedumb but it's still just symbolic.         

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