Monday, October 27, 2014

Ramble 10/27

This whole concept of absolute Good/Judeo/Judaized America and Evil/Nazi fed to Americans that are generally hipster/LGBT postmodernists or clueless true believing Zionists seems to be the reason for every tin-pot dictator around the world being "another Hitler."  Every political opponent: "another Nazi." 

It's an aspect of American culture on both the Right (true believing) and the Left (supposedly sophisticated, postmodern and relativist???), apparently.   So Putin, yet another Hitler (!!!)  and also anti-gay, no doubt...  antisemitic?  Apparently even with the ADL's little false flag form of it in the Ukraine powerful people are too scared to go for that in full.  Soros wants a war, though.  No "Jewish conspiracy," he just said so.... duh.

So perhaps eventually Team Captain America will be sent to the rescue again, just like in World War I... probably to save the world order from "another Hitler" before the actual Hitler was even in power, no doubt.   Just because the Nazis were generally a collection of criminals does not lead to absolute conclusions of Good and Evil by which you can turn the rest of the world to cinders to this day.  And that's the problem, it involves Jewish power (2% of the population, 3000% of the power in politics and media?)...  and it is ongoing.  

At a lower level, every political opponent:  "Another Nazi."  Which means that you need "another Nuremberg" just like you say, I guess.  So bring out the lamp shades made of human skin and the shrunken heads later... never mind your own detention camps, the millions raped by Communist allies led by Jews, the millions starved, your own eugenics programs, the genocidal propaganda written by Jews to get Americans in World Wars too, etc.    But seriously, with respect to some of the mythologies and movies...  how many times could someone poop diamonds?  (Spielberg's propaganda, etc.)  Or why would they have shrunken heads?  (Nuremberg propaganda from "Albert G. Rosenberg of the Allied "Psychological Warfare Division")

Or for clueless Americans of the Right, why are you white/Team/Captain America types that rescued Jews and are generally more than willing to serve their Interests Inc. while watching their Media Inc. now generally viewed as a "Tea Party" threat to be destabilized with open borders and multiculturalism

Or back on the Left.. now that you're all calling your fellow citizens terrorists while saying "Do not talk about Jews!" and so forth.... note that your supposed Leftist "multiculturalism" generally only trends along among clueless hipsters within cultural limits of Political Correctness Inc. in the corporate media and the corporate world in general.  That's part of the reason that you have a Holocaust Memorial in DC and not a Slave Memorial.  ("Special interests."  The best way to control the opposition is to lead it, enter John "shabbat goyim" McCain.)  And the cultural power of the Tribe that you generally dare not challenge is why the (supposedly compassionate and just full of love) fragmented rainbows of the LGBT/NAACP tribes of kosher Victims that practice the same form of ADL/tribal politics are generally useless when it comes to an overt form of tribalism and racism here and now.  Zionism. 

Same thing with the churches, not that there's any danger of you actually challenging your "another Hitler" type of culture or all of its Zionist mythologies. put Democrats on trial for turning Delaware into Detroit.

Bring out the shrunken heads*....  at this point, people full of freedumb would probably believe it.

You would have to be able to find forbidden documents and so on in order to get a clue about what I'm writing about, I guess.  We could begin with the basics, like the shrunken head stuff.  One would think that little alarm bells would be going off in the head of even the most clueless true believer about some of the exaggerations and tribal atrocity propaganda.  I mean, seriously.
I wouldn't bother going into all that.  But it's still ongoing (Iraq, incubator babies/Tom Lantos.  Ukraine, antisemitic pamphlets from the ADL... etc.) and will most likely be the way that you (Left and Right) will try to justify more wars verging on World War in the future. It's based on the lies of the past.  So we have to try to remember what happened in the first place before saying: Never again.

The finished products were turned over to SS Standartenfuehrer Koch's wife, who had them fashioned into lamp shades and other ornamental household articles, I myself saw such tattooed skins with various designs and legends on them, such as "Hansel and Gretel," [????]  which one prisoner had on his knee, and designs of ships from prisoners' chests. This work was done by a prisoner named Wernerbach."
13 Dec. 45
   We do not wish to dwell on this pathological phase of the Nazi culture; but we do feel compelled to offer one additional exhibit, which we over as Exhibit Number USA-254. This exhibit, which is on the table, is a human head with the skull bone removed, shrunken, stuffed, and preserved. [????] The Nazis had one of their many victims decapitated, after having had him hanged, apparently for fraternizing with a German woman, and fashioned this terrible ornament from his head.
  Apparently that's the sort of thing that happens when Jewish Communists are left to "find" and create various lines of evidence in alignment with the interests of Allies.  It's no better than the lies of Tom Lantos about Iraq's "incubator babies."  Remember that one? 

Shrug.  You can't look too closely at any of this. Maybe that's why you do not and people from the Right and the Left seem to hate me, huh?  But still...  what we're left with is imagining that Team Captain America just recently saved Iraqi incubator babies from having their heads cut off and shrunk too... no doubt. 

Because Saddam was another Hitler and the Iraqis were like the Nazis, who are also like Democrats that must be defeated.   

Shew.  Mission Accomplished! (????)

Time for another Captain/Team America comic book movie... huh?    One could be forgiven for wondering if we're better off with a corrupt political pet like Coons instead of the true believers in national mythologies and atrocity propaganda that I also use as the material of satire. 

To be fair, we're probably not better off either way.

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