Thursday, October 23, 2014

Saving a comment from someone else... shrug, it really is loony tune type stuff.

There have been genocides and holocausts throughout history against many different cultures and countries.  Seldom (although I could be wrong) have those events been used as an eternal "free pass" card by those sharing an ethnicity with the victims to behave in any way they want.  Yet that is the weird Orwellian world we live in today and have for generations, at least pertaining to one group in particular.

What if a group of American Indians started mass killing black people using the fact that Caucasians destroyed their culture hundreds of years ago as justification?  That kind of logic probably wouldn't be supported by the public and it sure as heck wouldn't be championed.  Would we support Japan attacking France because a few generations ago America nuked Japan's cities?  Probably not.  And yet, in this bizarre Alice in Wonderland world we live in, at least in certain cases, such a mindset is universally deemed logical.

I think generally as herd animals, our definition of morality is largely defined by what we're told is right or wrong by society rather than an actual inner moral compass.  And we stick by those definitions of right and wrong even if they don't make any sense.  The results are often incongruous, illogical and self-contradicting, but that doesn't seem to matter.  It's like we live in a civilization-wide version of the Milgrim shock experiment without ever realizing it.

Tomorrow they should just announce new laws that anyone named Jason and/or who was born in February has the right to kill whomever they want or rob any bank of their choosing.  I'm guessing if the idea is enforced enough and promoted enough on the Today Show--and if enough people who object to this are publicly ostracized and jailed--in a generation's time at least 99% of the population will be fully on board and won't give it a second thought.  And the remaining 1% will remain silent on the whole "Jason issue" out of fear for their careers.  Youtube

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